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Monday, 27 September 2021

The Filthie Witcher

With Halloween fast approaching I have been contemplating how to handle the onslaught of spooks, hobgoblins and witches that happens at the end of October every year. Holy talismans like bibles and crucifixes are a good idea, as are silver bullets - I have AB doing a production run on them for me right now, HAR HAR HAR!!!!! 


Rest assured I will be in a position to fight evil when the day arrives. But there is more to hunting and war than just artillery - ya gotta know the game too! So maybe a deep dive into witchery is in order? Let us consult the scientific experts first! It appears a certain doctor by the name of Ed Dutton has done a historical investigation into witchcraft and his work can be crudely condensed and summed up as per The Z Man:

"Dutton’s thesis is that starting in the Little Ice Age, Western societies adapted to the harsh conditions by becoming more internally cooperative, intolerant of dissent, and hostile to outsiders. Society became far less tolerant of behavior that did not contribute to group fitness, because the population groups of Europe were forced to compete with one another for scarce resources.

What feminists call patriarchy is just an adaptation to harsh conditions. It ensures procreation, encourages male investment in the offspring, and, most important, reduces conflict between males for mates. When the females are under control, the males did not have to fear being cuckolded, so they could invest their time in things other than mate guarding and cooperate with other males in those activities."


Hmpppppffffff. It's certainly plausible than the idea that men burned innocent women for fun and amusement. 

Maybe we better check the credentials of this "doctor" of history? 

Yep. Predictably - he's a nazi and a misogynist.  Ooooooh those awful far right ideologues!!!! I will just bet he's a racist and a homophobe too!!!! It's just as I said - checking your facts by using the mass media or the institutions is like getting the town drunkard to do it. No - scratch that! The town drunk would be a better source of information than our media and institution slobs!

How DOES  a guy fact check anymore? My family collapsed due to the selfishness and depravity of my daughter. So it goes for these angry 5th wave feminists, slut walkers, social justice warriors and other morons. How many families have they destroyed? It is no coincidence that their cities where they rule are starting to burn and are rocked by riots. They never seem to attain any kind of happiness or contentment either.

Z is right. We can reckon with our witches, or God and Darwin will reckon with us.

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  1. Perhaps more to the point, if there is one, is that Edward Dutton was found to have committed plagiarism by the resident professors at Oulu University. Dutton published a thesis on intelligence and plagiarized a table of results from someone else.

    Oh well.

    It's certainly plausible than the idea that men burned innocent women for fun and amusement.

    Emphasis on innocent. Recorded history in 1692 being written and validated by the authorities, all of whom were a product of their time, I begin to wonder just what happened and why.

    My first affirmation is that witchcraft and its practitioners are quite real. Having devoted a certain amount of time studying such things, I can tell you that the practice does exist. A practitioner will tell you the same, and will inform you that they are not worshiping the evil one. I don't agree with this, but no matter.

    Back in Salem in the late 17th century the practice of witchcraft certainly existed. However-comma instead of simply being left alone to celebrate and worship as they chose to do so, they were hunted down, tortured, and burned alive. The question then becomes why no one took their part, loaded up a musket or two and asked the witch hunters who wanted to eat some lead? Lack of brave men, perhaps?

    Maybe. But what if there was something actually in all this witchcraft business? What if, between the hocus and the pocus, something was really going on? We hear about the obviously false cases of deadly persecution, including witch hunters with false tools and charismatic speeches, but what if the real witches were seldom discovered?

    I've always wondered about this, and I continue to wonder. I know that today, and during my own lifetime, being a witch was just an excuse to get all screwed up and run around naked and land in a big orgy. Then I read credible stories about Catholic priests who worship the evil one, and there are scandals in churches all over.