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Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Tremble In Fear, Men


Yep. Sure.
And when the 6th or 7th noggered or multi-racial mystery meat
sproglet comes tumbling out of your 
front hole - then you very much want me in your
affairs with my wallet and cheque book!


I've seen what goes on in battered women's shelters. What you're looking at right here is the cause of 95% of the cases of  "spousal abuse". Ask a cop and they will tell you - the vast majority of abuse accusations from women are flat out false. In the case of domestic disputes, it's almost always a case of two idiots fighting and the weaker, smaller idiot losing. You can call me a sexist all ya want... but that is just the way of it. 

And the further hell of this is true too - most of the women that have these views are horse faced lesbians who are so unpleasant that men will not even look at them.


  1. be sure to leave those strong independent people to their own devices. Their problems are never automatically your problems even if they want them to be. Some people seem to enjoy living the hard life , we should not stand in their way.


    I wouldn't go near your money maker, ever. I do not need to contract some weird disease that is common in primates and transmitted via oral-anal contact. In plain English, a disease that monkeys get from licking each others' asses.

    There are people in this life, both men and women, who can't live without drama. Once a week, minimum, this lover of drama starts up with the spouse (or live-in, roommate, whatever) and will not shut up and go to sleep. Eventually they find themselves sitting out next to the curb, barking at the moon and howling 'woe is me!' to everyone within earshot. Keep it up long enough, and the local constabulary gets called. Believe me, they do not want to deal with this crap.

    When the whole thing finally goes sideways for the last time, she goes off to a battered women's shelter. She'll stay for three days, then go back to him - because he promised never to do it again. Okay, maybe he said he'd do the best he could not to do it again.

    These are the people I would not go out drinking with.