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Saturday, 25 September 2021

We Shall See Which One Of Us Survives

 Any business that demands a vax passport from me can go pound sand.

I can cook at home AND save a few bucks in the bargain. It's a free country and if you want to cut your own throat - have at it.


  1. Haven't gone out to eat in over two years. Never went out much before any how cause I refuse to waste half my weekly food budget on one sit down restaurant meal. And my own cooking is on par of better than most restaurants anyhow. And that is how we managed to pay off the mortgage and be debt free in seventeen years time. The world can go fuck itself without me for all I care.


  3. Ayup.

    With all these lockdowns putting folks out of work a lot more people will find themselves in the same boat. The restaurant industry is in for a major beating, and they can decide how much they want it to hurt.

    1. Around here were its a real foodie town we lost probably 30% of the restaurants for good in the last two years. The ones that remain have yet to ask for proof of the jab.I think they know they'd screw themselves royally. What we are seeing is people quitting in droves from businesses requiring their employees to be jabbed. Last week I went to look for new tires for one of he cars and it was the same story everywhere. They don't have anyone to mount them cause they all quit. Same thing with the annual state inspection sticker. The mechanics with the state inspection certificate are pulling it off the shop wall and walking out.