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Sunday, 31 October 2021

I Looked It Up


Alberta really has a naval museum…

Faith From The Outhouse

 I am no expert Christian. I go to a non-denominational church where they believe there is no such thing as 'church doctrine' - there is only God's doctrine. The Bible says what it means, and means what it says. The bible is not a living document to be edited by anyone who feels the need to do so. This makes sense to me, in light of what I have seen zealots do in the name of God or any number of other "causes". 

One of the things I struggle with is that the bible tells us not to judge lest we be judged. And yet, it does recognize and encourage adherents to show good judgement.

I guess Squishey Pants Biden is a good Christian - and believe it or else, because it is right from the horse's mouth.

When I started going to church I just showed up with my wife one day and I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I would not want to be a Catholic wrestling with my conscience right now.

All Hallows Eve

 The boundaries between the world of the dead and that of the living are thin and tenuous.

Remember, men … if a flaming bag appears on your door step… use the fire extinguisher! Those of you that are contemptuous of Crocs will rue your arrogance, and receive your comeuppance.

Saturday, 30 October 2021

Holy Red Pilled Riddlers Batman!!!

Is Batman still white?
Is Robin a woman?
Which washrooms will they use?

Toon in next week!
Same Bat Time!
Same Bat Channel!!!

 Y’know… I am an old fart too. There are times when my age creeps up on me. I have aches and pains, I’m starting to get arthritis in my hands, and there are times when the only sound between my ears is an echoing fart bubbling up from the bowels of my subconscious. Some of us handle advancing age better than others. I get that too.

I’m hearing rumours from other rude wanks that Creepy Joe just shat himself at a meeting at the Vatican with the Pope. (Ferk him too, far as I’m concerned). But… there’s a point to step down.

The Rise Of The Witch

 I love The Dissident Right. They can basically be summarized as the kind of guys that have the wrong opinions, ask the wrong questions, and will not be shamed or deterred from asking them. They are just as merciless with the conservative poseurs like the RHINOS and cucks as they are with the neoliberals. They are not necessarily rude (they certainly can be), but they use humour and wit to devastating effect. They are a rising force in the political landscape today, and I wish them all the best.

Just in time for All Hallows’ Eve, the Z Man does a fantastic presentation on witchcraft and witchery.

On his recommendation I bought the book, Witches, Feminism And The Fall Of The West. The book offers a really fascinating take on the old infamous witch burnings and hangings of the 1700’s. If you’re like me, your narrative of the witch burnings will be one of superstitious, hyper-religious zealots that attacked innocent women as a way to instil fear and further their own authority and power within their backward communities.

Ed Dutton believes that that is possibly total hogwash. The witches of old bear a striking resemblance to the feminist hags and contentious harpies today. They gossiped and turned people against each other, they started rumours and made false accusations, they drove rivalries and division and undermined their families and communities. Back in a time when mere survival required super strong families and communities where everyone had to get along just to survive … people like that were cancer, and the witch trials were the logical way for communities to deal with women like that. In their eyes, those women had to be truly evil to do such things in those times.

I am only a chapter in, and haven’t had time to mull over Z’s podcast… but I note that there are scads of men tied up in this unholy attack on ourselves too. And I get how many of them are being driven by women to it. I’ve been there done that and bought the tee shirt: my lesbian daughter gave me a manifesto of ultimatums on how our new rainbow family was going to work - and it was lunacy. But the family’s matriarchs sided with her. Their men either backed them up or refused to take sides. I decided a family at war with itself wasn’t a family at all and checked out. Others soon did the same. Were those women in my family like…witches? Evil…?

I suddenly find myself very uncomfortable. Often there’s a fine line between stupidity and evil, and to be fair, my mother in law is as dumb as a post. But my mom and daughter though… are very smart women. But they are not happy women. My brother and father in law were put through the bloody wringer by their wives. Pop is a question. He loved his wife but he wouldn’t take shit off her, and when I was a kid they had some barn burner fights. I can see how an old patriarch, living in a spiritual, haunted world where women like these could mean the difference between life and death - might decide that if they couldn’t be brought into the game, they’d have to be taken out. Permanently. Such a man would not do such a thing willingly; he’d have to be pushed to it by only gravest, most dire necessity. The narrative of the witch trials being senseless attacks on women doesn’t hold up to objective scrutiny.

In my case… yeah, I could do it for yuks.
I see a crackling blaze, and picture myself lighting a cigar from 
a taper out of the fire…ahhhhhhhhh. 
The thought of it induces a state of serenity.

What really blows me away is how many of the loons that are responsible for our new woke and enlightened moralities will also be the first to admit we live in mad times, and a mad world. And they are totally incapable of seeing their own hand in it!

I hope that you are prepared for the witches and spooks that will be out in force tomorrow. You might want to check out Ed Dutton’s book too. It makes for some fine thinking and reading.

Perhaps It IS Time For A Discussion With Our Law Enforcement

Farmers “arrest” the sheriff who was attempting to evict a woman from her farm on behalf of an insurance company. Michigan, 1952.

I am seriously starting to have some unpleasant questions about our law enforcement these days too.

A Schmeegle


Let’s Start This Weekend Off Right!


Friday, 29 October 2021

Highway Robbery


I’ve never seen this bottleneck caliber brass in the wild before. I saw this lone bag of 50 at the death merchant’s… and prayed they had no idea what they had here. There was no price tag on the bag so I took it up front to the cashier to ask.

No such luck.

$265.00 for 50 brass! 🤬🤮🤮🤬 

Fuck it. I will make my own and see if I can make some coin on the side selling it.


Today’s Race And Reconciliation Effort

Well Superman is now a fudge packer.
Captain America is a black lesbian midget, and most of our other cartoons 
are vibrant and diverse.

It’s time to reboot the hell mouse and his productions too!

Missing The Message


According to Irish, that’s Carl Sagan.

Sounds like him. I never cared much for the man, he seemed to revel in putting on airs of intellectual and moral superiority, and he wrote some truly awful science fiction. He was actually the beginning of the end of the genre for me. Back then the SF awards for the writers were just becoming ways to promote untalented and uninspired hacks - like Sagan himself. The Hugo Award for me became a red flag for dreck like Sagan’s. 

I could never watch Dumb And Dumber. I can’t stand Jim Carrey because he actually IS as dumb as a goldfish. But I DID watch Beavis and Butthead. Back in the 90’s, after classes, I was always in the school atrium, drowning in assignments and homework. The TV was set on MTV and muted and I got a helluva lot of work done there. At 8:00 Beavis and Butthead came on, and the night time janitors came in for coffee and they’d turn up the sound to watch. It was a great break before the end of my day; I usually called it quits at 9:00. I’d watch those two retards tormenting their hippy-dippy teacher, their alcoholic stressed out principal and the other adults in their lives… many of whom bore a striking resemblance to Carl Sagan. Men that posed as educators.

Back then, educators - especially in the public schools - began the long process of destroying the kids trusted to their care, and blaming the parents for the fall out. Thankfully parents today are getting wise, and are finally confronting the teachers and school boards - even at the risk of harassment from the FBI.

Jim Carrey was about stupid, low brow humour. Beavis and Butthead were too… but they carried an ominous message behind their antics. The message was, “If you keep going like this, America, your kids will be like Beavis and Butthead…”. But Sagan and most of the other educators had a grift going, and they weren’t about to give it up and start actually doing their jobs. Kids were pawns in wage negotiations and that was it. 

And here we are today. Thank God none of it is Carl’s fault.

Just Pulling My Wire: Creative Zap Strapping


 I have only had one real woman in my life - my wife. Dwelling as I did within The Hive, the liberal empowered women were something to be tolerated and coped with. It’s unfortunate because as time passed it got harder and harder to do. I was the first man out - either thrown out the airlock, or maybe I ejected? Maybe a combination of the two? It was the hardest thing I ever did, and it was the most hateful and despicable thing I was ever forced to do. Other men followed over the years, to greater or lesser extents. The women drove it too. I always wondered why it was my wife managed to stay with me. I think I may know why, now. She understands things about men that the other women in the family never did.

I usually cringe when I see stuff like this.
For some reason this came up on my JewTube feed. For some reason, I watched it.
I fully expected yuks and comedy.

The vast majority of all divorce actions are driven by women. I think that were my parents 10 years younger… they’d be divorced. I have no idea how my father in law managed to stay married. If they had bailed out on their wives I wouldn’t have blamed them one bit. The modern liberal woman is a shrew, or worse. And the vast majority of them are the authors of their own unhappiness.

My wife checks all the boxes here and passes with flying colours. This should be mandatory viewing for our young women. Fascinating… and worth a quick listen if you have the time.

Thursday, 28 October 2021

Must Be Something In The Water…?


There’s a lot a tards shooting other tards in
staggeringly stupid gun ‘accidents’.

Oh well.

Hey - Quartermain, ya fag! Betcha ten bucks you can’t shoot
this beer can off my head…

Gun Club Stubfart Monster Chiller Theatre


Ol' Mike B. needs to work on his presentation a bit...
so maybe this one should be reserved for the more gullible
elderly mature aficionados 
of occult folklore.

I still enjoyed it.

Good gravey!!! I have never been so frightened in my life!!! I think I filled my pants with fright after that harrowing tale!!!

But at least I now know why I shoot the way I do, and who is responsible... and what to do about it.




That jacket either belongs to a bad ass biker, or a gay hipster trying to pose as one. Everyone seems to like the 'distressed look' and I suppose I am no exception. My jacket is mottled and faded from weather... but I'll be damned if I will put gay pins in the lapel or let my leathers get worn out and shabby like that. That isn't distressed leather, it is neglected leather. In fact... when I turn my formidable powers of observation and deduction on this - the jacket belongs to a flimp. See how the areas near skin contact are carefully oiled and conditioned? HAR HAR HAR!!!! Wouldn't want Nigel to get a booboo or an owie blister now, would we...? HAR HAR HAR!!! Whatever.

My Redwing shoes are coming up on two years old. Believe it or not there are a lot of miles on them. In summer they get oiled regularly and I am trying to clean the soles right now with tire cleaner. In the winter I treat them with waterproofing mink oil. They definitely will need to be re-soled in the next year or two... but other than the soles and some honest wrinkles from wear, these moc toes look like they are right out of the box. Just looking at them, I think I should get five or six years out of them easily. I will keep caring for them and see how far they go. At two years in they are still going strong. The tire cleaner is getting a lot of the filth and grime out.


My previous pair of chit kickers came from MEC - I think they were the usual cheap $150.00 throw aways that I am usually lucky to get a year out of.

These are four or five years old now, and the leather is just starting to give out - but it's not for lack of TLC. The soles are falling apart. They actually are 'distressed' and they look like crap too. It will take a forcible act of will power to actually throw them out... and I may have to go see Pete F for grief  counselling afterward! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Look after your leathers, men. Honest lumps, scars and bruises are marks of character and accomplishment. Fakes are just that. In fact, neglected equipment speaks volumes about their owner too, if ya catch my drift. Today I hope your miles are soft and comfortable, and that they pass quickly.



An Unconscious Bias


Anyone that forgets this needs a boot up the arse - including Yours Truly. I thought, “Baldwin is a thespian, not a gunnie - and is therefore innocent of any wrong doing. Gun safety isn’t his job…”

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If ASM passes me a gun and I shoot Quartermain with it by accident, I am going to jail - and rightfully so. He should check the gun before handing it off to me. The second he passes me that gun, the onus is on me to check it - again - regardless of whether he says it’s unloaded or not. If I check the gun, play with it, and pass it to Quartermain… he MUST check it too - even if I just did it right in front of him. When ASM goes to put that gun away for a time he will check it again - even if he had eyes on us the entire time. It sounds like paranoia, but it is just good gunny etiquette. It is the required protocol for anyone that handles a gun. Anybody handling a gun should be aware of this… and if ignorance is no excuse for us… Nor should it be for Baldwin. At some point, that guy has probably had some basic firearms training, and he screwed the pooch and killed someone. He should draw the same punishment you or I would get - assuming our courts were run by men, and not kangaroos. Oh well. Fortunately he only killed another Hollywood moron, and she looks to be just another fart sucking liberal. I suppose at the end of the day it’s all good, HAR HAR HAR!😆👍

It’s a great time to consciously look at your own safety habits, and make sure they are up to snuff. Look at not only your own, but those of folk around you too. Bad habits creep up on ya… and getting bitten by them on the range or worse - in the house… is something we all want to avoid.

Thursday Morning Death Toast


Serves Him Right

 I will never go to a woke church. And if that happened in my church, I’d stand up, take off my mask, and tell that pastor to get ****ed and walk out too.

I am not going to church right now, this is a fight I don’t want to have. I love the folks there… but they are buying into the Covid hysteria, and I won’t be part of it while they do. I suppose that is a net bonus for them… but eventually the responsible adults will hopefully speak up. 

Today In White History Month: Rapist Robots vs Racist Robots


When was a kid, back in the ol' Jim Snow days...  I went to a horror porn show called “Flesh Gordon” and the villains were all rapist robots.

I wonder what colour they should have painted these guys...?

In today’s fear porn, the most horrifying nightmare in robotic fear porn is … a white robot…? At the time I didn’t think Hollywood could make a movie worse than Flesh Gordon… but they do it all the time now.

Will wonders never stop ceasing.

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

An Apt Tombstone To Mark Death Of Comedy


Back in time, long ago - before the invention of nose jewelry… when we still knew how to laugh…

Not A Fan


“This gun is everything the 1911 should have been…”???


This bitch needs to go to the fuggin woodshed!!!

It’s an obsolete design of no real merit that stuck around long, long past it’s expiration date. In my neck of the woods, surplus Browning High Powers were a dime a dozen. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it … but there’s nothing especially great about them either. And….9mm? There are far, far better ways to do 9mm:

…and maybe… possibly…

Like the Browning High Power, the 9mm cartridge is largely obsolete too. Us civilians have access to far better guns and calibres. The only valid reason to shoot 9mm is out of nostalgia and romance!

If you absolutely insist on the 9mm for modern social work… there are far better choices than the Browning.

There’s other Tupperware guns out there - I think Jack is carrying that new Ruger, and others can be had from S&W, Springfield, etc. If you have a Highpower, shoot it and smile. There is no need to sell it. But there’s no crushing need to dash out and buy one either.


 The City Of Light evolved…

There Always Have Been…


Thunderbox Productions Presents “White History Month”


A Common And Forgivable Mistake



Proper Gear


Today’s Choice:

You may have the woman… or the burg!

I’m calling dibs on the burg!