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Friday, 1 October 2021

A Stroll With Mort

Yesterday Macey had to cancel on Dawg Patrol. I called her out to saddle up and go with us... but she was laying in her crate and just didn't want to get up. That's okay - she's old and retired and she's earned the right to sleep in.

The leaves are just starting to fly. But there's still a lot of green around, so there are still vestigial remains of summer 

I really jumped the gun this year. A week or two back we had a freezing storm blow up and I thought that was it for summer but no... I may yet get another day on the lawn mower - the grass is still growing a bit and will probably need a little trim before the snow flies.

Without Macey we were able to go a little further but ol' Mort is getting old too. He was bagged by the time we got home and died after he ate his regulation morning treats. As for me... I gotta start putting on more miles. Walking without my dawgs is so boring though.


  1. Died?? as in assumed room temperature?? wont be down for breakfast tomorrow??? dirt nap???
    hope he did not "die" and just took a well deserved rest.

    1. No he just crashed and went to sleep. Gawd, I love that moron with all my heart, Mike. Mort is easily the dumbest dog I ever had… but he has the most heart of any I’ve ever seen.

      He’s finer n’ frog hair, he just tuckers out easily…😊👍