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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Avoid Eyelid And Nostril Bonding


When I was a kid I built models… but nothing like this. I could never have afforded the paints and thinners and lacquers for stuff like this. It’s satisfying to watch this guy work… some of the parts don’t suit his tastes… so he makes his own. By the time he’s done, there’s rust, carbon, oil, dirt… you can smell this thing. 

I watched a couple of these things and the guys are all going for that ‘distressed’ look. I’ve seen it in photos from the period, the world was at war, and just keeping the bullet holes patched over would have been a challenge at the time. But they guys are doing the same thing to the models of modern jet warbirds too… and it just doesn’t look right to my eye. Every time I see modern fighter jets these days… they look like a million bucks, like they are ready to go and pass a white glove inspection afterward. But I’ve only seen pictures and vids so whadda I know?

Y’know… I see us adults taking over a lot of stuff that should be left to the kids, right on up to and including comic books. And we mess it up too…Superman is now a super butt blaster, grown men are turning model building into an obsession with detail… and maybe we really need the kids’ input on some of this stuff?

But whadda I know.