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Friday, 29 October 2021

 I have only had one real woman in my life - my wife. Dwelling as I did within The Hive, the liberal empowered women were something to be tolerated and coped with. It’s unfortunate because as time passed it got harder and harder to do. I was the first man out - either thrown out the airlock, or maybe I ejected? Maybe a combination of the two? It was the hardest thing I ever did, and it was the most hateful and despicable thing I was ever forced to do. Other men followed over the years, to greater or lesser extents. The women drove it too. I always wondered why it was my wife managed to stay with me. I think I may know why, now. She understands things about men that the other women in the family never did.

I usually cringe when I see stuff like this.
For some reason this came up on my JewTube feed. For some reason, I watched it.
I fully expected yuks and comedy.

The vast majority of all divorce actions are driven by women. I think that were my parents 10 years younger… they’d be divorced. I have no idea how my father in law managed to stay married. If they had bailed out on their wives I wouldn’t have blamed them one bit. The modern liberal woman is a shrew, or worse. And the vast majority of them are the authors of their own unhappiness.

My wife checks all the boxes here and passes with flying colours. This should be mandatory viewing for our young women. Fascinating… and worth a quick listen if you have the time.


  1. It's OK:

  2. I can see where all six were ignored. Wow. Very interesting video.

    I have a feeling your FIL kept falling back when pushed, until he didn't have anywhere else to stand. Passively giving ground will leave you backed into a corner. What you do then is either fight out of it, or just surrender to make it stop. They are the guys that are walking behind their wives muttering under their breath. Bill Burr talks about them....