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Friday, 8 October 2021



  1. Ah, I'd like to apply to be her hunting buddy.

  2. This image beautifully illustrates the dichotomy of everything female.

    1. Always cracks me up how women dress like this and then complain with supposed total and complete innocence when men ogle the proffered goods on prominent display. (Me thinks the issue is only that the "wrong" men are performing said ogling - I am guilty as charged here).

    2. Why do they get applause and encouragement to invade traditional male pastimes and sports? Of course - there are always exceptions with women that have been raised on the land or her husband or father hunts. But be honest - they are very much in the minority.

    The average female hunter of my acquaintance here in Australia is a very freaking average looker and she can't compete with the other girls - so she goes where the other girls are not.

    We stupid, mouth breathing men will always react by drooling over a special "unicorn" that "hunts". She gets very special treatment and lots and lots of attention from us ugly, fat old beardos. We blokes trip over our own richards to have M'lady as a hunting buddy. Meh ! I go hunting to get away from women and their BS.

    I am heartily sick of it. I cop this affirmative action special treatment of the females at work, who don't want to do anything physical, dirty or even slightly dangerous, but are happy to work in management where they are a disadvantaged "equity" group. IE an unqualified, totally inexperienced female who will not do overtime gets promoted over an experienced and qualified man because there are not enough vaginas in management or "muh wage gap" or "nah, nah, na-nah-nah" or something.

    I know this is blown way out of proportion over a photo of some bottle-blonde model pretending to be a "fud" for an hour but something about the photo just touched a nerve. So there ! I feel much better now.

    Cheers & beers,

    Fat, ugly and very poor owner of beautiful rifle and an Awesome Beard.

    1. I hear ya.

      We are not allowed to have our own spaces anymore Anon. And the hell of it is that the women invading our spaces often regret doing so. There is nothing there for them… that is why they are our spaces. It’s why we typically don’t invade female spaces - most men are smart enough to know there is nothing there for us. It drives the feminists nuts for some reason.

      I met such a woman on the archery range awhile back. A smoking hot bombshell that was 5’5”, shaped like an hourglass and a face that could stop your heart. She was dialling in her bow to shoot broad heads for the hunting season.

      Her truck was a chrome plated, fuel injected jacked up 4x4. All it was missing was the nut stack on the trailer hitch. Her cellphone rang and she started barking at her outfitter and talking like a trucker.

      I realized I wasn’t looking at a goddess… I was looking at a tragedy. It was a turnoff, actually. She wasn’t a happy woman judging by her tone.

      I am conflicted, actually. Women SHOULD be proficient with guns, both for hunting and self defence. Think about it - in your absence their survival, and maybe that of the kids could hinge on it. But… just because they can do something a man can… it doesn’t mean they should. It goes the other way too. I think of that old Jewish faggot in the sun dress that Joe Biden made a Surgeon general… and I want to vomit. We live in an age of degeneracy.

  3. Have to laugh - even the knife is backwards on her belt. But who's looking at the knife - amirite?

  4. I have a simple litmus test - if she has a pair of those chrome nuts swinging off the hitch or a sticker saying "Hers-not-his" or "Her-Lux" etc, I steer well clear. I'm happily married, and decidedly off the market - and have great friends, and don't need more. I have enough problems of my own without inviting entitlement, bad attitude and good-looking crazy temptation into my life. (Question - why are the crazy ones always so good in the sack? Le sigh.)

    BTW - Hilux is one of the most popular 4WD utes in Australia - I think they are called a Tacoma in the US & I presume Canada?

    > ". . . Women SHOULD be proficient with guns, both for hunting and self defence."
    Could not agree more about the hunting side of things. Bear in mind in Australia discussing anything else would probably result in the instant loss of the privilege to own firearms. This is not a right here and the usual suspects will try to take your licence for something as asinine as a speeding ticket or certain medical conditions.

    1. I agree totally, and thank my lucky stars for my wife and the fact I am not in the dating game. If I were - I'm sorry, but I wouldn't date a liberal woman for love or money. Looks are fleeting, but crazy is forever. And forgive the crudity - but once you f*** it... you own it. The sexual contract is hardwired in at the genetic level, contrary to whatever the woke and enlightened say. This is why we are seeing so many fake rape hoaxes, and the travesties in family court during divorces.

      Sadly, that IS a discussion you guys in Oz need to have with your gov't. We do in Canada here too. For us self defence is not a big issue... yet. But as we get ever more diverse and vibrant, and our red niggers on the reservations get ever more militant and abusive... it soon will be a discussion we will have to have, and it will be one where they shut the hell up and WE do the lecturing instead of the other way around.