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Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Corporate Romance & Mystique

 It’s the same with motorcycles. My bike is a big Jap cruiser with a V twin engine designed from the ground up to eat miles. Some (not many… but some) self proclaimed motorcycle elitists will say that “there’s nothing like a real Harley” and write off the metric bikes en masse. Harley Davidson has built itself a real reputation that involves patriotism, romance and mystique that is supposedly baked into every machine they make. 

The same is true with Colt firearms. Their single action pistols defines the old west for a lot of folks. Colt pistols are imbued with legend and history, and the modern clones are just mere copies that will never equal the originals.

In both cases it doesn’t seem to matter one whit that many of the copies are better than the originals. They incorporate modern design or materials that make them more robust and reliable… but the connoisseurs could care less. If it ain’t a Colt, it’s just a copy. If it ain’t a Harley… it’s just a motorcycle.

I used to buy into that mindset but not anymore. The kids nowadays say it best: you do you! So… do it well. The best gun for you is the one you have. If it isn’t… you know what to do.

Have a good Humpday you guys.😊👍


  1. Maybe a way of viewing clones vs. the bonafide is shoot the clones, but keep the bonafide as an investment ? But not a whole lot of fun in that.

    When I was younger and had far less $$$ to spend, I had to purchase the clone. A real Walther PPK rimfire was way above my pay grade. But an Erma Excam RX22 was affordable and the 40 years I've owned and shot it make up for the lack of bonafides. Its a high-miler, been carried and shot A LOT over the years.

    I much later purchased a Walther PP in .32ACP (West German trade-in) but it rarely gets shot. In superb condition, that should bring in a pretty penny if/when it leaves me.

  2. Started life out on Dad's Harleys . Got tired of tightening bolts and fixing a multitude of typical old Harley problems and soon went to the Jap bikes that got 300% better mileage , went 200% faster while doing it with only a break now and then to change oil , tighten chain etc. Started out on Ruger with the big guns and haven't looked back . I've yet to have a Ruger fail . Working mans gun Dad always said .

  3. Never was much into the big American iron... drooled much more over stuff like this.