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Thursday, 28 October 2021


That jacket either belongs to a bad ass biker, or a gay hipster trying to pose as one. Everyone seems to like the 'distressed look' and I suppose I am no exception. My jacket is mottled and faded from weather... but I'll be damned if I will put gay pins in the lapel or let my leathers get worn out and shabby like that. That isn't distressed leather, it is neglected leather. In fact... when I turn my formidable powers of observation and deduction on this - the jacket belongs to a flimp. See how the areas near skin contact are carefully oiled and conditioned? HAR HAR HAR!!!! Wouldn't want Nigel to get a booboo or an owie blister now, would we...? HAR HAR HAR!!! Whatever.

My Redwing shoes are coming up on two years old. Believe it or not there are a lot of miles on them. In summer they get oiled regularly and I am trying to clean the soles right now with tire cleaner. In the winter I treat them with waterproofing mink oil. They definitely will need to be re-soled in the next year or two... but other than the soles and some honest wrinkles from wear, these moc toes look like they are right out of the box. Just looking at them, I think I should get five or six years out of them easily. I will keep caring for them and see how far they go. At two years in they are still going strong. The tire cleaner is getting a lot of the filth and grime out.


My previous pair of chit kickers came from MEC - I think they were the usual cheap $150.00 throw aways that I am usually lucky to get a year out of.

These are four or five years old now, and the leather is just starting to give out - but it's not for lack of TLC. The soles are falling apart. They actually are 'distressed' and they look like crap too. It will take a forcible act of will power to actually throw them out... and I may have to go see Pete F for grief  counselling afterward! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Look after your leathers, men. Honest lumps, scars and bruises are marks of character and accomplishment. Fakes are just that. In fact, neglected equipment speaks volumes about their owner too, if ya catch my drift. Today I hope your miles are soft and comfortable, and that they pass quickly.




  1. I like Obenauf's leather products.

  2. Toss the mink oil! Get some Sno Seal ,it is made of bees wax , it works great . It is made by Atsko Inc.Orangeburg S.C. up here on the tundra its all I use for leather .

  3. Jacket is hipster distressed for flimp photos. I have my dad’s from putting over 300,000mi on his Gold Wing. It looks better than that thing. And no badges, stickers or pins. Just bugs.