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Wednesday, 6 October 2021

EDC In “Biden’s America”


Yer gonna need all of it in both pics -
on a daily basis.

Oh boy. I’m over on Blab and it’s all “Fuck Joe Biden” over there. At sporting events the media slobs try to interview a player and the crowd behind them starts singing “Fuck Joe Biden”. In another vid, Creepy Joe and his flunkies are in a motorcade barrelling down cleared streets with police and military escort, and motorcycle outriders… and the crowd all along the streets are waving “Fuck Joe Biden” flags. It’s not just drunks and tosspots either; it’s moms with their kids, grannies, suits…

I kinda prefer the EDC of swanky pocket knives, cigar lighters and maybe a tasteful pocket pistol. But the way things are going… I don’t think trauma and first aid kits, grenades and full body armour will fit in your pocket!

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  1. I'm afeared yer right. Never under estimate the power of smart and stupid leftists to phuque up everything.