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Saturday, 23 October 2021

Filthie’s Fetid Foot Fetish


Round the Thunderbox, the air is ripe with the
smell of feet, farts, and chili.
Quartermain has ordered us something called a pumpkin spice potpourri -
which should spice things up a bit soon!

So? What kind a feet do you have? I’d have Egyptian feet, but a lifetime in heavy boots has put a studly Greek flare to them that would drive women mad with desire deep down in their lizard brains. 

I noticed they left out the Tard Feet that features opposable thumbs. I’d say more, but my good taste and agreeable nature forbid it - I’d hate to be accused of racism and hateyness! HAR HAR HAR!



  1. Hi Filthy, on a light hearted note, saw the video below yesterday and then seeing your post I thought I would pass it along. Usually the guy is Mr Safety. You will see it coming. In this case, he just got a new toy, was excited and oops. Thank you for writing your blog.

  2. Good short, solid, peasant-feet with long toes. I don't like regular shoes, none have a toe box that fits right, so most of the time I'm barefoot.

  3. Mine I think are Roman. I laughed at shovel reference, as I nearly cut off my right pinky, flipping off the couch and striking a countertop behind it.

  4. What da hell ??
    I got one Greek and one Roman. I'm screwed up in the classical style, I guess....