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Friday, 22 October 2021

Good Shooting, Alec…

The story I’m hearing is that the fag was in a rage about
Something dumb, and fired a Hollywood prop gun
at a young lady and killed her. Then he fired again at someone else.

I hate Alec with the heat of 1000 suns. I’d love to see him take a ride on Ol’ Sparky for this… but… it isn’t murder. It’s criminal negligence but, being Hollywood… he probly won’t see a day in jail. There are real risks in being around stupid, soulless derelicts like him, and the young lady paid the price.

I’ve heard good things about his son, Adam…and that he seems to be on the right side of the Gun Thing. I have enjoyed his work when I saw it.

I wonder if Alec feels any remorse for what he did?


  1. Baldwin is a raging, flaming asshole. Let's hope he can't buy his way out of serious charges from the sheriff.

  2. Adam Baldwin (Jane on 'Firefly' Sci-Fi series) is this guys distant relative, not a brother. I think there are 3 brothers who have various success stories in Hollywood.

    Alec Baldwin is a tool. Firearms are not to be played with by pointing and shooting them. Accidents like this are the fault of the carry person, not the firearm.

  3. If, as he admits, he knew it was loaded with live rounds, it's manslaughter.

    Since it was a Western, we can reasonably assume it was a single action. So he's gotta lotta splainin' to do.

  4. I wouldn't put anything past Baldwin. If he's lucky, the prosecutor will only go for manslaughter.

  5. I read he aimed at the woman, shot once, the bullet went through her and into the guy.

  6. Do you guys actually think there will be any serious actions taken about this?

    1. No. But it is nice to think about. Hopefully the victims were democrats.

    2. Well of course! I never should have doubted you, Ripper, of course he's innocent of any wrong doing!

      It was an evil Trump supporter that set him up.

  7. Halyna Hutchins, 42, who was director of photography was shot to death by actor Alec Baldwin. The film’s director Joel Souza, 48, was also injured in the incident.

    There were labor problems on the set of Rust, a low budget film in the 12th day of shooting (no pun intended). Union labor was replaced with non-union labor, and security leg-breakers got involved.

    The gun in question is described as a 'prop gun'. Prop guns can be anything from a wooden or plastic toy, to cap guns, to almost real guns that have been modified to fire blank rounds, to the unmodified real thing that any of us would take to the range.

    If you're an actor, the prop man hands you a gun for the upcoming scene, you do your thing, and that's that. Only this time instead of holding blank rounds, one of those rounds was live.

    Now then. Will all the shooters reading this ask themselves just how a live round would get mixed up with a blank? Then ask themselves that if, in the extremely unlikely event that they'd land an acting role in Hollywood, if they would ever accept a firearm from anyone and not check it themselves before using it?

    The phrase, 'Here, it's unloaded.' comes to mind.

    Someone slipped a live round into this one. No one checked it like they should have. It got used in a scene, and everyone here knows that the recoil is different from a live round and a blank - but by then it's too late.

    The actor may face charges, but he'll never be convicted or do any time. A civil suit will be different.

  8. Lets play the speculation game, shall we?
    question #1. Was there a motive to shoot the cinematographer or the director and she happened to be in the way of a bad shot?
    #2 Who was the real target if their was one?
    #3 Who would gain from this event. Union, angry/wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend?
    #4 Was it really a blank and someone else with a can on a pistol did the kill shot knowing exactly when the trigger would be pulled?
    #5 Was this done to defame Baldwin, kill/stall the movie production?
    #6 Was this a set up for revenge?
    See you can speculate till the cows come home. Maybe even get a story line for a new book out of this one.
    I understand Billie Baldwin is a decent guy and follows Jesus. Not sure about the rest.

  9. Well that’s just it. We don’t know what happened, and given the chit heads involved we probably never will…

  10. Well that’s just it. We don’t know what happened, and given the chit heads involved we probably never will…

  11. I ain't real bright, but the question on my mind is "woo dat waz dat put da bull its inda gunz?"