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Monday, 25 October 2021

If I Gotta Look At It So Do You



A recoil pad? GAY!

Why not put a can on this faggoty firearm?

Safeties? On a lever gun?!?!
That is soooooo gay…

Cheap, laser etched memes? 
Doesn’t get any gayer than that!

It’s pretty hard to mess up the gun thing… but it can be done. Queers and vibrants should not own guns. 


  1. I’ll bet 3-d print has a hand in this debacle. It looks like the butterface of rifles to me.

  2. I like the kickstand. Now if I could only afford to have a rifle that shoots that, and afford the ammmo.........

  3. I can see a recoil pad on a .30-.30 ...

    1. On maybe the little shorty carbines, maybe? The trappers in 30-30 are rude little guns to shoot…

  4. At first glance I thought it was for like a "Cowboys in Space" show or something... sort of like Firefly... then I realized this's just a pile of Shytte... good grief that's Fugly

  5. Some things are just wrong. Behold the pinnacle of "Just Wrong".
    A standard of mechanical horror that would be hard to exceed.

  6. It couldn't be any gayer if they put a butt plug on the butt stock.