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Friday, 29 October 2021

Missing The Message


According to Irish, that’s Carl Sagan.

Sounds like him. I never cared much for the man, he seemed to revel in putting on airs of intellectual and moral superiority, and he wrote some truly awful science fiction. He was actually the beginning of the end of the genre for me. Back then the SF awards for the writers were just becoming ways to promote untalented and uninspired hacks - like Sagan himself. The Hugo Award for me became a red flag for dreck like Sagan’s. 

I could never watch Dumb And Dumber. I can’t stand Jim Carrey because he actually IS as dumb as a goldfish. But I DID watch Beavis and Butthead. Back in the 90’s, after classes, I was always in the school atrium, drowning in assignments and homework. The TV was set on MTV and muted and I got a helluva lot of work done there. At 8:00 Beavis and Butthead came on, and the night time janitors came in for coffee and they’d turn up the sound to watch. It was a great break before the end of my day; I usually called it quits at 9:00. I’d watch those two retards tormenting their hippy-dippy teacher, their alcoholic stressed out principal and the other adults in their lives… many of whom bore a striking resemblance to Carl Sagan. Men that posed as educators.

Back then, educators - especially in the public schools - began the long process of destroying the kids trusted to their care, and blaming the parents for the fall out. Thankfully parents today are getting wise, and are finally confronting the teachers and school boards - even at the risk of harassment from the FBI.

Jim Carrey was about stupid, low brow humour. Beavis and Butthead were too… but they carried an ominous message behind their antics. The message was, “If you keep going like this, America, your kids will be like Beavis and Butthead…”. But Sagan and most of the other educators had a grift going, and they weren’t about to give it up and start actually doing their jobs. Kids were pawns in wage negotiations and that was it. 

And here we are today. Thank God none of it is Carl’s fault.

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