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Thursday, 28 October 2021

Must Be Something In The Water…?


There’s a lot a tards shooting other tards in
staggeringly stupid gun ‘accidents’.

Oh well.

Hey - Quartermain, ya fag! Betcha ten bucks you can’t shoot
this beer can off my head…


  1. Well that was a waste of two minutes of my life.
    I expected to see his head explode like a ripe melon.

  2. I guess that his promise of weekly videos was a bit optimistic. I shut it off after they said they wouldn't show the late moron being dropped by his baby mama.

  3. He should've picked a smaller a .25, he would've have had a chance of surviving.

  4. Knowing that should you fail to hit the can and hit the can holder instead, you'll have missed all his vital spots and he'll survive.