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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Nose Art

 So I’m bored. Looking for sumpin to do that won’t get me beat up or thrown in jail. I’m wiping down the RC planes, checking batteries and so forth… and I am thinking that my single engined Twinstar could benefit from some tasteful nose art. I’m thinking something that combines a couple themes and motifs:

Mickey Rat

Mr. Horse Power

The Fightin’ Hellfish

The problem is I gotta do it by hand, and with markers or paints impervious to the oily nitro exhaust fumes. I dunno if I can even do it… but the idea intrigues my inner idiot child. You don’t see typically see nose art on the warbirds anymore due to the faggotification of the services… and it’s actually a bit of a shame. We used to understand that there were times when chit house humour, the chivalric code and a sense of esthetics trumped tactics and political correctness… but those days are long gone. But… they are not forgotten.

I probly can’t do any worse than the horny toads of WW2… but we shall see I guess.


  1. Here's one more--

    The art work in close up. Note the signature--Milton Caniff.

    The story--

    Near and dear to my heart. My dad was a pilot with the 447th, 711 squadron. He flew 35 combat missions.

  2. If you have an inkjet printer, get yourself some Water Slide Decal Paper (look it up on Amazon to see what I mean) it works just like the old school decals that used to come in the plastic Revell models. I've customized a few planes this way.