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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

On Dying Well

 Mom isn’t talking to me again. There wasn’t even any drama this time. Mom’s just decided that in her last years, she is going to be a rancid old bitch. Her mother did the same thing in her last days. My wife’s grandfather did too. With that guy, there was no “oh, he’s old and didn’t know what he was doing…” stuff either. He deliberately did shitty things to hurt and infuriate his kids and let them know he hated them. It was a blessing when the old bastard died. When he was younger though, he was a really nice guy.

My grandad wanted nothing more than to be independent and not be a burden to anyone. They had to drag him away from the home at family gatherings at gun point. But he always had fun. He watched the little kids, smiled warmly at the older ones. His son is much the same as he was. Dad rarely came between Mom and I in our battles, and when he did he always regretted it. When he sided with me he went to the dog house. When he sided with her, I usually went into the boards, HAR HAR HAR! It must have been tough on him.

I pray I will be too when my time comes. What a roller coaster life is sometimes. Today I am back on the diet after an extended thanksgiving, and resuming my regular pre-planned chores. Have yourselves a great Humpday. If there’s someone in your life that you’ve been meaning to call, or a discussion you’ve been meaning to have… today might be a good day for it.


  1. I'm a lot like your grandad. I have always been the guy that got it done. Now, I'm the guy that needs a hand, and hates to bother you to ask for help. What a crappy time this is.

    I cannot imagine what you are living through. Being mean just to be mean is beyond me. Could be different lineage, I guess. Maybe there are more cavemen in Canukistan, then down here. I got a lot of SIW (Scot Irish Welsh). Well known for our kind disposition!!! ;)

    I don't want to be remembered as the turd in the punch bowl. So, I try and keep my explosive excrement to myself. I'm no bridge burner for sure. Maybe I'm too sensitive to perceived slights, I dunno, but I won't force myself on anyone either. I guess I've always been out riding the fence line, mostly on my own, keeping an eye out for strays type. Try not to stay too long and wear out my welcome, try to make interactions as pleasant as I can. But I don't stay where I'm not wanted.

    Yeah, life is a roller coaster. Hopefully those ahead of us will stop puking over their shoulder in the wind. I'd like to just enjoy the ride as much as I can.

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  3. That's the way to be I think, STxAR. 'Out on the fence line...' Mind if I join you?

    Some of these things won't be resolved in this world. I AM a turd in her punch bowl, and I am sick of it too.

    1. Glen, you are welcome by my fire anytime.

  4. I won't stay where I'm not welcome or not wanted. That said, a change in personality might be the onset of dementia. I might also be that the person is simply bad tempered and that's the end of it.

    I'm glad to hear you're back on the diet. I love sharing the misery.

    You know, it's 1:00 PM EST. I want a drink. A dry martini, maybe.

  5. Being miserable takes a toll. A toll on those who are around you and also on your yourself. For whatever reason your mom is bitter and takes that displaced anger out on you. Seems like this sort of runs in the family which is sad.

    I am grateful and try to reflect that in how I deal with everyone. It is much easier to find support and help when you are nice to people than it is when you are a human porcupine.

    Your mom probably cannot learn this lesson and that is sad. Do your duty but that does not include being abused or mis-used. Learn from this.....

  6. I am sorry about the relationship with your Mother as mine was the opposite and I miss her still 6.5 years after her passing from cancer. At least I still have Pop at 81 and he can get crotchety but overall he is loving to all of us.