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Thursday, 21 October 2021

On Using Your Tools

 Couple days back, Scotty The Retard texted and asked if I wanted to fly on Humpday. I checked Windfinder on the cell and said, nope - I wouldn’t be flying and neither would he. Unless he wanted his RC planes to end up in Saskatchewan…? The winds were awful. I gave him shite too - Windfinder is a free app you can plug into your cell phone… I woulda thunk an RC ace like Scott would be all over it. But he’d never even thunk about it. It didn’t occur to him that such a tool was available.

For old stubfarts, it’s a point of pride to be able to shun the cell, and some see it as an infernal device that can steal your soul and get you in real trouble. It’s wise to remember though - our kids and retards are not addicted to the phone… they are addicted to the unhealthy apps on it and social media sites. I know BP and ASM often present scholarly lectures on how abusive gubbimint officials and their fart catchers will use the cells to track and monitor citizens and keep tabs on their compliance with their edicts, or use it to gather evidence to incriminate dissidents they hate and disagree with. My rebuttal to that is that they no longer need evidence to incriminate dissidents - they will fabricate it if they need it and even murder you in cold blood if it suits them. Your cell is a tool. Use it. It’s like any tool, you master it, not the other way around. If it becomes a liability… then throw it away. It’s as simple as that.

Likewise people counsel that you don’t post personal info on the internet. Hogwash! I do it all the time, anonymously of course. Right now I am going through a bit of an emotional ordeal with my elderly mother, who is, to put it succinctly - a cantankerous bitch. She’s fond of head games and shit tests and emotional blackmail… and she’s really tough to take. When I post about stuff like that, helpful folks in the same pickle tell me how they deal with such things. Mike started popping off about his mom… and he is going through the same BS that I am, almost word for word. A lot of folks would sit and struggle with it in silence and maybe that works for them… but I draw comfort and support from others that face the same issues.

I know I nearly came unglued when my gay daughter ran away to join the circus. Prior to her going dark, we had a few very unpleasant exchanges. My daughter who had the world by the tail and could have done anything she wanted, or been anything she wanted - literally turned into a shrieking lunatic overnight. I seriously wondered if drugs were involved. I discussed it with others on the internet and was often censored by moderators, fact checkers, and other moral and intellectual superiors for being too truthful. A kind soul kindly pointed me to a closed group on MSN where parents of gay children can discuss it in candour and honesty. I applied to join the group and was accepted.

A major in the USAF was having the exact same issues with her daughter. It was like me and Mike with our moms: that lady was out on the east coast somewhere, and she told me exactly what my kid was doing and more importantly - what she would do next. She told me that the kid would start making false accusations about abuse. Sure enough, the kid did. The major told me that she would go completely dark, and it was possible we’d never see her again. She was bang on the money. A truck driver in Texas said that eventually the kid would also turn on the family that loved and supported her even in spite of her sexuality. He was bang-on the numbers too. Apparently these are established behaviour patterns for lesbian social justice warriors and at the time… it was all new stuff to me. 

Eventually MSN found our hateful group and shuttered it. I never heard from that airforce woman or the truck driver again. It’s a shame, they saved my sanity during a very difficult ordeal. If they ever come across the Thunderbox, I hope they’ll check in. They helped me more than they’ll ever know. We all know now the ways of these people, but back then it was all new. We face the fallout from the things they do every day now.

The Thunderbox is NOT a safe place. It’s a tool. If you have an issue with the modern world, feel free to chat about it here. You might get the odd splinter from the Thunderbox, and the old comic books and liberal rag sheets make for awful TP… but if you need relief… it’s my intent to make it the place to be.

I really appreciate all of you that have dropped in to use the facilities.

Have a good Thursday.



  1. Take the slick page when you sit down and "cover your feet", and start wadding it up and upfolding and wadding it up and unfolding it. By the time you are done, it'll be soft, not so shiney, and better able to avoid the skid. Of course, you only use those when you are out of everything else.

    I really like your post. That is exactly on target. Glen you are a sharpshooter on and off the range. Thanks for this. I also like that I can rip out a big belch, and folks laugh or out do me. Hard to find anyone whose knickers get twisted here.

    1. Darn right, STxAR. Rude jokes, cheap shots, and dark humour take the edge off dark times.

  2. Before the internet, there was the corner bar and the church. Notice how TPTB locked down all of them, cuz COVID... The casinos were left open though, as was the Motor Vehicle Bureau... 'Time for pirate radio's triumphant return...

  3. People of a particular bent seem to all be given the same playbook. I have three sons. Lucky me, two of them are alcoholics. I had an alcoholic brother. Having lived around him, I could forecast EXACTLY what my sons were going to do and say in any given situation, and still can. My wife, she still believes the drunks...

    ...Such is our lot in life, Glen...

    1. I think it is because they live in an alternate reality Pete. If you can wrap your head around their reality, you can predict how they will behave in it.

      When I tried to explain this stuff to the other shitlib women in the family they flat out rejected it. They still do, thinking queers are beautiful people with a different idea about sexuality. And when they get bitten... they wonder why. I've given up trying to explain it to them. I always end up saying 'I told ya so' these days - and it just makes them angry.

  4. I wonder how much of this alternate lifestyle and rejection of parents is part of a political agenda masking as a civil rights agenda? Only someone who has been convinced that they have been suppressed (even when this is completely not true) would turn on their family with claims of injustice without giving any opportunity to discuss any of it.

    I know many gay people who are not at odds with their parents even if their parents do not really understand or accept their life choices. They still love each other.

    Your daughter has been convinced that you do not love her and that she cannot love you. This is tantamount to a cult (religious or otherwise) and the really sad thing is that our government will step in and protect the cult over the parents in this case.

    The bitter reality is that you are left with a hole in your heart that aches and cannot be mended or even really dealt with in any meaningful way. Your daughter will be lost until she figures out that she has been brainwashed.

    I know that many who are instrumental in creating the situations like with your daughter are highly controlling people who can be quite mentally ill when compared to normal people. They control others to satisfy some really evil need in their own lives. This destroys the people they get under their spell. Unfortunately you cannot do anything to intervene.

    My suggestion is never stop loving your daughter and let hew know if you can that no matter what, you do love her. Avoid any judgement or condemnation and just stay with your expression of love.

    Maybe, someday, she will understand that love is a bond that can span really wide gulfs and it is worth reaching across.