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Monday, 18 October 2021

Oot & Aboot: A Serious Question

Hmmmmmmmmm. A lot of folks are getting disgusted with current events and fed up with the clowns driving them. Trust me. I get that. Been there, got the tee shirt. I live there, now.

The Z Man is advocating a boycott of the vote, his reasoning being that it's rigged, and even if it isn't, the establishment cheats and will get what they want, regardless of it. He seems to think the political system will crater if people refuse to participate in it.

Claire Wolfe proposes the establishment of honest folks and systems to work congruently but outside of the current corrupt order .

If you have the time, please do check out those links. These people are both smarter than I am and may even be smarter than some of you. They both advocate the abandonment of the current order and leaving it to burn to the ground while the lunatics dance around it.

There's only one guy that seriously advocates cleaning house, dealing with the lunatics and turdies that tried to destroy it, and restoring it to its rightful glory. Unfortunately... like Yours Truly... he's a bit of an idiot. HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!!

My question - which has yet to be seriously answered, is this: "When the people that are destroying the American establishment are finished and have imposed their own - what will you do when they come after yours?" If you won't defend the processes and laws that produced the most powerful empire on earth, and produced the best people that ever walked across it... how do you propose to defend your own replacement?

I suppose I will expect the usual crickets in the comments.


  1. The enemy owns the system, so why fight within the system? If this fight is lost, we lost it 30 or more years ago when we could have fought within the system.

    The question now is what form will the fight take on and what is the proper battlefield. Do not mistake patience for cowardice. Even if the coming fight is futile (and it may well be) there will be millions saying Fuck you and dying in a pile of spent brass.

    I will throw the question back to you. What do you hope to accomplish by doing the same things that brought us to where we are now? Vote harder isn't going to work.

    1. ...Count me in with the millions...

    2. Actually I agree with you. And to steal the terminology of the clowns driving this, I am all for a “reset”. One where politicians are accountable to their people, and not the corporations, where Constitutional Law is practised and enforced, and I fully advocate the use of force and violence against those that resist.

  2. Can anybody say what they will do when they see the elephant?

    If they are "dangerous" people, why would they announce themselves before the elephant sings? To what purpose?

    I don't even write "TO DO" lists any more lest they be used as proof of "premeditation".

    1. Exactly. We are at the point, unfortunately, where your freedom of speech can, and will, be used against you.

  3. One of my colleagues, a fairly bright young lad, is fond of saying a mantra when confronted with corporate idiocy, to wit: The system must be allowed to fail from within. The downward slide started with Johnson. Jimmah & Barry significantly increased the slope angle, Ronnie & The Donald just slowed the slide a bit. Brandon’s in place to fast track this mess into oblivion. Voting will not fix this simply because you can’treplace the entire corrupt package in one fell swoop that way. You’re just putting a Band-aid on a sucking chest wound. The question is more one of do we let them fail and destroy things in the process, then try to rebuild from their utter failure, or do we try to salvage the gasping husk of a once great nation, perhaps destroying it in the process ourselves...

  4. I think a combination of the two viewpoints would serve our purposes well. Stop voting and let their system implode, then "clean House" in the ensuing confusion. And by cleaning house, I mean in the manner Scipio Africanus did at Zama.

  5. Stopping voting is stupid! Lessee; if everyone stops voting except three, and two vote for "Guy A," then Guy A wins... even though only three voted. Best off to vote, thereby cementing yourself into the statistics. Then clean house, by whatever means necessary... And no, I don't think voting is going to fix things. Once the marked deck becomes the standard, there's only one outcome... Welcome to Mexico...

    1. I tend to agree Pete. To me that is like letting the fox in the hen house. If all our conservatives do is keep that fox outside, I am good with it because that is the better place for the fox to be.

      But there are a faction of dissidents that refer to themselves as "accelerationists". They seem to be of the mind that the west cannot be saved or redeemed until it hits rock bottom, and the commies and corporatists have their noses rubbed in their own excrement. I fear they have a valid point.

      I am at the point of getting it over with too, and letting the shooting start. There are no winning strategies at this point.

  6. When the people that are destroying the American establishment [presume liberal and Democrats] are finished and have imposed their own [Establishment] - what will you do when they [the new rulers] come after yours? [Establishment / society]

    That depends entirely on who wins and what they replace the current Establishment with. I have very little money, no youth, and poor health. I'm able to write and express my opinion in a coherent, rational manner.

    I'll write. The cheque's in the mail.

    I believe that the new Establishment, whatever it may be, is not going to majestically rise from the ashes like some phoenix variant. It's much more likely that as social services end due to a lack of funds, there will be widespread rioting as the destitute suddenly realize that the monthly hand out has vanished along with a lot of other things.

    They'll riot. That will give the New Order the excuse they need to declare a Dictatorship, if only temporarily. Those that aren't hungry or going without won't want any part of either side - they'll simply bide their time until things settle down. Unlike the BLM riots that were belatedly triggered by that noble martyr George Floyd, these peaceful protesters will be handled much differently.

    Eventually, much like the advent of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the sight of armed Government soldiers on our streets will become the new normal, and therefore accepted.

    I'll probably stay in my digs as long as possible, then liquidate all my assets and head for South Dakota or Tennessee.

  7. it is written that good shall be called evil and evil shall be called good
    we are well into that stage
    in the book of ESdras II it is written that, at that time, the earth was halfway through the tenth age
    i was told there are 12 ages, and i wonder how far along we are now
    are we in the 12th age?
    pray for your kids, grandkids, and for our nations
    it took hercules to clean the augean stables
    the filth piled up in our governments is a million times worse
    only the mighty right hand of God is up to the task of cleansing the corruption
    terrible times are ahead
    i doubt if many of us will survive them
    pray for holy angels to encamp round about those you love