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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Pull My Other Finger - It Has Bells On It: Sig VS Glock


HR goes into the selection process
that produced the Sig P320 as America’s new official
sidearm for the military.

As a gun club stubfart I have little interest in plastic guns. Such guns have no soul or romance; they are not intended to. They are tools designed to protect their owners and that’s it. If I were a squaddie, however… I’d be all over these. If you have to carry and fight with a gun, the polymer guns are best tools for the job and no bones about it. Even I am forced to say so and I have one too.

HRF is such a war fighter, he was a Marine and a cop. He understands tangos, punks, and street turdies. He’s a patriot and a defender of rights and freedoms. He may be a little old and grey, but I’d go so far as to say he’s still a Marine in every sense of the word. He believes in his country, his military and the mission. And he is hopelessly, utterly naive about how big bid proposals actually work.

I’ve been involved in the big bid packages for over 20 years. If you have - you’d have seen all the wiggle room, the word salad, and the opportunities for grift and inside baseball that I did.

Of course Sig came out on top of Glock in the bid process. The parameters for the selection process were specifically written to favour Sig; that is why they blew out all the competitors on the first round. Of course it looks legit on paper, most folks wouldn’t have done the deep dive that Funk did. Funk reads the footnotes and T&C’s. He looks over test results and gives it a thumbs up, and calls it good. He walks away satisfied, and the hucksters and grifters stifle their laughter until he’s out of earshot and there’s no cameras on.

Contracts and bid proposals are nothing more than a written understanding of a business proposal. People and businesses deviate from them all the time. If I contract TB to shingle my roof and pay within 30 days… it probably won’t be the end of the world if I take 45. “Jeez, TB, my car blew up and I had some things come up. Can you give me an extra 15 days to pay?” He knows me, he doesn’t want a costly legal battle, and he knows I’ll refer business to him. He’ll probably give me an extension and think nothing of it. He wants his money and understands the cost of doing business and the value of good will.

If he promises to complete the job in 30 days, and can’t finish on time because of supply train issues, and needs an extension, I will give him one because everyone else is having issues, and he has a reputation for good work and service. I want my roof, not the hassles of legal battles, and I may want to contract his services on other jobs down the road. I am not going to kick him off, and try and parachute another possibly unfamiliar contractor in…he could bring in even more problems.

Stuff like deviations and exemptions and waiving certain terms and conditions  after the purchase allow businesses and individuals the wiggle room to keep partnerships productive and profitable. They are also the point of entry for grifters, shysters, and carpetbaggers. They can lean on suppliers and customers alike. They meet in the back rooms and off camera. They make promises knowing full well they will not fulfill them, and they buy off or blackmail whistle blowers. In a deal involving over 100 million dollars… I’d be shocked if there wasn’t at least SOME corruption in all that. Rest assured, the carpetbaggers have their cut factored in and hidden well beyond and outside the scope of that bid package. Guys like you and me and Funk will not see it at this point; it would take a forensic audit to root the wise guys out at this point. When guys like Ruger, FN, and other movers and shakers don’t even bother to bid… it’s because they know the fix is in.

Having said all that… the squaddies still got the best pistol for them. I recently shot the Sig P320 at the range and it took an effort not to fall in love with it. It was robust, simple and accurate. Glock isn’t fit to shine Sig’s shoes in the gun world, at least - not without some work. Out of the box I’d rather have the Sig any day of the week and twice on Sundays. The squaddies got the best gun for the job…but that was just a happy coincidence. It’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s true.

Did anyone ever go to jail for the $500.00 hammers or the $5000.00 toilet seats?

I rest my case. 😎


  1. Grin - It is the inspections and documentation that costs the big bucks. The ten-dollar hammer you get at the hardware store doesn't have to have every step of the process inspected and documented from obtaining the material to make the forging, until it is placed in the hands of the DOD. And that toilet seat was multi-functional believe it or not. My job at a DOD contractor was to nit-pick the paperwork and harass anybody who didn't fill it out correctly, with the proper stamps and the correct color of ink. That way, the contractor wouldn't be penalized for lack of documentation of the process of building the widgets.

  2. No offence meant Judy - but how much of that is a scam too? Back in the day ISO9000 accreditation was a big deal in our industry. We had it… and yet, I dunno how many times we failed their audit. To me it was a bad joke… and to many of our customers as well.

    The chinks were the worst. They’d rubber stamp their pot metal shite with ISO, ANSI, ASME certs and think nothing of forging them. If there’s one thing those gooks continually teach us - it’s that the cheapest product is not always the least expensive…

    1. No offense taken - Oh, every once in a while, some middle manager would try to pull a fast one because they had promised too much. They always got burnt in the end. So, I made a point of making sure anything I handled, the I's were dotted and the T's were crossed in the right color of ink, with the right stamp.

      When we got dinged during an audit, it was about little stuff, like the inspection group on the paperwork wasn't the inspection group who did the inspection. Even though the person doing the inspection had the right 'certs'. At one point, I worked in a receiving inspection area, you would be amazed at the amount of stuff that went into the rejection crib to be sent back to the vendors for repairs or replacement.

  3. $5,000.00 toilet hammer? It's either feather bedding for a kickback, or a way to hide money for a secret squirrel budget.

    I got a Sig 220 for a while back in the 90's. I believe the proper understanding is this: If you want to have arm that works and is fit for task, get a German one. The K98 will work as a club, jack handle, wheel chock or sniper... all on the same day, in that order. The Sovs had T34's with German cannons on them! I never felt under gunned with a German arm. That Sig was a tank, Swiss watch and pace maker reliable. No issues ever. I prefer to buy JM Browning, but right there close is the Sig.

    Sling up tight with an original AR, and you might just bend the barrel. Leave the Glock too low, and the dog will chew it up.

  4. I have the old West German SIG P6 P225)Nice gun but I can't shoot it worth a dam.
    The other day I was at the local Cabelas and the guy behind the counter was trying hard to sell me some $1800 1911 race gun like the one he personally owned. I asked him how much it would hurt when he had to give it up for evidence for five years of legal heartaches if he ever really needed to use it? his retort was: What? your life is not work $1800? I aid no... the perp's life is not worth any more than the $180 I have in my Taurus G2.

  5. Can’t shoot the Sig, Mike? How come? I haven’t shot a lot of the… but all the ones I have handled shot really well…

    1. This is a 1978 West German Police issue P6 /P225. Aluminum frame single stack 9mm. Basically a downsized P220 built to replace the Walther P38. Double action is horrendous, single action is real sweet. But It must be me cause I can't get it to hit where I want it. I'm no marksman but I can manage reasonable groups with my CZ, Star, and G2. I've been tempted to move it on but it is a fairly unusual piece.

    2. Well of course ya keep it! ;)

      Have you got a CZ75 you old reprobate? Gawd I would love to have one myself but I am too stupid and snobbish for 9mms...

  6. Ya know you can get them in 40 S&W if you feel the 9 will just be too girly.