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Saturday, 16 October 2021

Tactical Leather


A cute little skinner.
In my experience these are dedicated blades
and are a poor substitute for a knock-around
camp knife.

I’ve been seeing these tactical leather knife sheaths appearing everywhere and they really are cool if they are made properly. They incorporate extra pouches for your flint and steel, or a compass, a whetstone or some other gadget.

I go back and forth on the flint & steel. If you buy a dozen of those cheap, baby Bic lighters and pry that stupid child proof metal cover off… you have sparks for life. I have ten or 15 scattered round the house…but can never seem to find one when I need one. I’d definitely put one of them on the tactical knife sheath for sure.

But then…there’s nothing more satisfying than a hand made campfire started from scratch from a single spark. Making a fire that way appeals to the lizard-brain at the back of the cerebellum where our baser instincts are stored.

I really need to finish that Bowie knife I started last year.


  1. You didn't finish? Shame on ya.

  2. Include a pencil sharpener. Great way to get dry-ish shaving in the wet.

  3. Yeah, those small sub 3" blades don't get in the way, but digging out peanut butter near the bottom of the jar and spreading honey, cutting meat and veggies needs more blade. My favorite 'all around' camp blade is a Buck 105 Pathfinder. Those sheaths pictured appear very 'Bushcrafty' and the skill to make one leaves me very envious. Just purchased a large Anza bowie. 12" overall, 7" long clip blade manufacture from mill iron file. Bad ass blade, haven't found it in their catalog but found a picture of a more tradional handled with antler. Frontier Old Timer Bowie. That will scare the sheeple.