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Monday, 18 October 2021


The other day I was stinking out the range again. I dunno what it is. Some days I can go and shoot like my old self… and other days I go out there and suck and blow and I prolly just shoulda stayed home. 

But this kid showed up and he had more guns than I do! He dumps them all out on the table and goes to town. He had one a these… a Wobbly Webley as we like to call them… and he set the lot of us on fire with it. He didn’t miss. It’s chambered in 455 Webley, but you can shoot 45ACP in it if ya have the moon clips - which he did. According to the lad, the original Webley’s slugged out at .454” on the bore. Typically 45 ACP ammo is .451-ish … and the slugs shoulda gone rattling down the bore with room to spare. But the kid hit everything he aimed at.

Fuggin kids these days.


  1. Mine in 38-200 was a bit worn and was supposed to shoot .360 thou pills but was amazingly accurate with the .357 pills. Its been moved on since.

    1. I think it's because the lead obturates in the bore, M? I am seeing all kinds of these old beaters shooting like champs these days...

  2. Somethin’ to be said for youthful eyesight.

  3. With the extremely high cost and low availability of factory ammunition, being a constant shooter is a 'reloaders only allowed to participate' proposition. Its become too expensive to even plink with .22s to stay in practice. Pellet rifles help, but leave something to be desired