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Thursday, 28 October 2021

Today In White History Month: Rapist Robots vs Racist Robots


When was a kid, back in the ol' Jim Snow days...  I went to a horror porn show called “Flesh Gordon” and the villains were all rapist robots.

I wonder what colour they should have painted these guys...?

In today’s fear porn, the most horrifying nightmare in robotic fear porn is … a white robot…? At the time I didn’t think Hollywood could make a movie worse than Flesh Gordon… but they do it all the time now.

Will wonders never stop ceasing.


  1. They weren't the ONLY bad guys. There was first, and foremost, Emperor Wang, the Perverted (addressed as "Your Assholiness"), and let's not forget the mighty Penisaurus. On the good guys side, who can forget "Prince Precious"? Taught me never to say the phrase "how can I ever repay you?"

  2. Trouble is, black robots can't be seen in the dark... unless they smile...

  3. The -real- reason they're white is so that if the hydraulic fluid starts leaking, it shows up easy so's you don't have a very expensive repair if something breaks in a terminal fashion... same reason all the DotMil Tanks, Tracks and Trucks have the engine/interiors painted that weird lime-off-green, so if something starts leaking, you can either repair it right then and there OR keep whatever it is topped off until you CAN get it repaired... a Black or dark color Nigbot doesn't show the leakage