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Tuesday, 30 November 2021

How Do They Do It?

 So how does this work?  The physics of the thing don’t look right at all. Is the rear of the surfboard submerged?  It looks to me like the front of the board should dive and the kids would go swimming…

My Mommy Issues

 Friends, when I am having deep psychological problems I pack them up, and take them to trained professionals to help me with. Today Pete F helped me unearth some repressed childhood memories that helped me understand my toxic mother a little better.

Quartermain’s a good psychotherapist too, but he is more expensive and doesn’t take cheques.

Proper Winter Wear…



A Room Full A Butts…

What gently sleeps here?
Brandy? Wine?
Only the Cellar Master knows…

Our Knife And Cutlery Expert Makes Some Recommendations

Not seeing anything I gotta have, Vince.
Maybe the skinners…? 

The hawks look nice… but the head shape
lends them more to weaponry 
rather than bushcraft…

Monday, 29 November 2021



Gotta Stop Hanging Out At Blab…


Sing along everyone!

🎵The west coast has the sunshine
And the girls all get so tanned…🎶

Shuffle Up The Race Cards...

 Shuffle 'em up ... and deal 'em! Correctly identify this mystery meat and win valuable prizes!!!

That's Canada's answer to Elizabeth Warren!

The women seem to go all in for this nonsense and I am wondering why. Obviously it is a power/money grab... but what else is behind these imposters and driving them? Is it lunacy or just plain grift and fraud? I dunno about Liz, whether she actually believes she is an indian or is just doing it for yuks and cash. It seems to be mostly women doing it for some reason.

Years ago we all got burned in a game of race poker at Flapz's. They adopted a little native girl whose mom was a crack whore and a waste of skin. Family Services couldn't find a qualified native family for her, so Flapz and his wife took her in and raised her as their own. I happened to be there the day she learned that she was native. She was just little at the time, and ya can't go into cultural and race realities with kids that young. Flapz explained to her that her real mom loved her but had problems and couldn't take care of her, and that's why she had come to live with them. When he explained that she was native she broke down into tears and heart broken sobs. None of the adoption stuff bothered her, she was just broken hearted about being native! She had thought she was polynesian or phillipino! Being horrible bigots, both Flapz and I burst out laughing and the poor tot ran away to her room in tears! After we both finished laughing we felt like shits. Flapz spent a good time in the family dog house over it and I was probly never forgiven. I should have been more sensitive, no kid needs the baggage that goes along with native ..."heritage'... 

But y'know, I saw that one go the other day too. On OyTube, I watch the channel of a young couple up in the NWT. Their schtick is that they vacation in the chill of winter in an outfitters tent. He's white, tall and strong. I assumed she was native. She is tall, articulate and cute as a button which is exceedingly rare in native women. But it turns out she was Hawaiian. I HAR HAR HARed myself  to death again! 

That's how stupid this all has become, I guess. If Uncle Bob were still with us, using this logic he could argue that his pug dawg is actually a wolf, and we'd all have to pretend that it was lest he get offended. At least our shitlib race hustler here went to the trouble of actually trying to look like a first nation freeloader... which is more than can be said for Elizabeth Warren! Your democrats need to step up their game! HAR! 

I personally think that welfare and handouts are an attack on natives, and the best thing to do is shut down the reservations, throw the chiefs in jail, and maybe execute their cronies in the gubbimint. 

But whadda I know? Have a great day, folks - and give this race hustling and the grifters involved with it all the attention they deserve,

Monday Morn: First Things First


Monday Morn Rude Joke Dump


Where We Need To Take Our Leaders…


Sunday, 28 November 2021

What Are These…?

Some kind of home made potato chip?


 When I see generational conflict on the innernet where multiple generations are squabbling, generally speaking it’s agreed that the Boomers are the worst. They are followed very closely by the millennials. Gen X and the ‘Zoomers’ seem to sit on the sidelines and snipe at targets of opportunity, HAR HAR HAR!  Now the millennials are having kids of their own, and what goes around comes around. I just love it when some exasperated new age parents throw their hands up after fighting with their kids and wonder who their kids are, and how the hell they became so awful. I wouldn’t know; I am just a dumb ass boomer, and a former child abuser, HAR HAR HAR! I told my kid she’d have to grow up and get a job, and that life as a gay hipster might have some downsides that I wanted nothing to do with… but I’ve written of my differences with my daughter extensively in these pages, and finally just published the whole mess in a book!

$49.95 on sale now - just in time for Christmas!

One thing that drove me nuts about my parents and in laws is how they see the world through their TVs. Mom gets all her opinions from daytime TV… Orca Winfrey, Ellen Degenerate, The View, the usual Hollywood shitlibs. She always jumps on all the latest social fads too… currently she has bolted the doors against the awful Covid monster, and refuses the company of anyone sinful enough not no get vaccinated or wear The Mask Of Righteousness. Pop brags about how he reads the local fish wrap - The Edmonton Urinal The Edmonton Journal. They in turn get their info from the NYT and the Glob And Pail. I suppose I shouldn’t laugh at my folks and their cluelessness; the other day I was down in the Reclusium getting learned on everything there is to know about bitcoin and gold stacking from Jordan Peterson and his podcast guests. I’d like to think that kind of presentation is a few steps up from watching the coven discuss the implications of racist mathematics on The View… but ya never know. They did a bang up presentation, everyone was allowed to speak and they tried for a measure of clarity and objectivity… but then ran ads for some BS miracle herbal extract that was supposed to make ya smarter and healthier. I guess all the shitlibs and boomers think Peterson is insane too. Who knows.

I am too old and stupid now too. I’d love to get my head around “4 Chan”. The Establishment hates 4 Chan with the heat of 1000 suns because of their trolls and rude jokes. Apparently websites like Gab and 4 Chan are moral and intellectual  cesspools but Twitter and Facecack are not because they are moderated by the right clerics and prophets. I’ve got Gab figured out (the signal to noise ratio IS awful… but orders of magnitude better than the Establishment’s propaganda arms. It gets better as I fine tune my feed to filter out the obvious loons and nutters.

So far, that has been my experience with Alt-Media. I have the info long before the political officers in the media decide to release it. I fact check the crap out of everything but still get caught with my pants down. My sources at least try to be objective. Nowadays the mass media just flat out lies.

It’s like there is some kind of Heisenbergian phenomenon at work in perceiving the world today. A fella wants to stake it down so he can analyze the world and current events. But chaotic and entropic forces work against you; the world changes so fast that by the time you make your observations, they are obsolete because world changes again. You have to change too, just to be able to process the new changes around you. As a result the distance between generations are increasing every day. Complicating things is that reality is relative - people are inventing their own. Who was it, 100 years ago? That fag on Mythbusters? “I reject the assumptions and preconceptions of your reality, and substitute my own…”.

I’m in something of a quandary. On one hand, I want to stay in the game and be connected. On the other, I want to turn it all off. At some point my efforts to stay informed and be current will be as ludicrous as my parents. More so, as the rate of societal change as increasing all the time. One thing that seems to span all the generations is the war between people that think perceptions are reality, vs those that think reality is what it is and try to perceive it accurately. I seem to be on the losing side of that… but as someone somewhere once said, being on the losing side doesn’t necessarily mean being on the wrong side.

Like A Helicopter - But Twice As Evil


Just looking at that monster gives me the creeps. The rotor head alone is enough to induce nightmares in guys like Chuck Yeager. But… ya never know with those scum sucking commie bastids. They may put screen doors on their space capsules… but for awhile they built the best rocket engines on the planet, even better than the Americans. They could run at higher pressures and temps. Do they know something about helicopters we don’t?



Jesus Was A Drug Dealer



Yep, yep, yep. That’s your Saviour rendered as George Floyd. And it hangs proudly at a Catholic university.



Ahhhhh… HAR HAR HAR!!! I think my outhouse religious studies are in danger of taking a dark turn! HAR HAR HAR!

I suppose I am supposed to be shocked and outraged by this cultural appropriation… but all I can do is laugh. If they want to rewrite the bible, I say…let ‘em do it! Cultural appropriation by blacks has made for  some spectacular improve-MINT on otherwise hateful white cultural icons. What was it? “Kwanzaa”? That seemed to fizzle out… but black Christmas makes for some wicked comedy and yuks.

I know it’s too early to be looking at Christmas - black or white… but White Turkey Day is over for us Canadians, and we need something to look forward to and lift our spirits at this time of year!

The Peanuts are now culturally improved too!

Sometimes all you can do is laugh and roll with the punches. It’s too soon to say Merry Christmas - so happy kwanzaa I guess. Keep your sense of perspective and humour close, and don’t let yourself be goaded by stupid people.

Have a great Sunday - and thanks for stopping in.


Saturday, 27 November 2021

The Words Of The Prophets: Saturday Morn Cartoons


That’s exactly what’s going on. The guys at S&W have 7 and 8 shot revolvers out. I think I saw a 10 shot .22 from them or Ruger…GAH! If your tactics tend toward spray and pray, get a semi auto and go all in! But whadda I know… some sectors of the market buy into the concept, so I can just go stick my head down the toilet and flush a few times if I don’t like it.

Fact is that market caters to guys like me too and goes the other way… there are some heart stopping beautiful single actions chambered in earth shakers like the big 500 magnum 5 shooters. I wonder if the big 500s can be downloaded successfully for casual plinking? I do that with all my guns: my range loads are all easy going patty-cake loads; but if I need something for hunting or social work, i stoke them up to the gills. The easy going plinkers for the range, and the TNT loads for special occasions… Why put accelerated wear and tear on ya gat if ya don’t have to?

Think I will stick with the classic six guns, myself. I have nothing to prove, and my guns are all about fun for the most part.


Filthicus: We ARE Entertained


I’m still trying to digest what happened with the whole Rottenhouse thing. On one hand ya have the heaping, steaming pile of moist fetid politics of the the thing. There is no doubt that there is institutionalized evil in your gubbimint and they tried twice to kill that boy in broad daylight with the cameras rolling. Some of the people involved with that should be hanged, too. That nonsense never should have made it to court.

But sometimes…

Sometimes things get so mean and so nasty… the govt needs to step in, and lay all the cards on the table and make sure justice is done, and that people see it being done. Although they are too stupid and corrupt to accept the message, it came through loud and clear to anyone with an IQ above freezing: the the liberal faggotry were told that if they eff around, they are liable to find out, and there will be no sympathy for them in the courts when they do. They made sure that even the geriatric FJB in the Oval Office heard it.

Another message came out for us: if you take a gun into the street, you will answer for every shot you take. A lot of us aren’t hearing that message either. Still another message came out of all that for us too: if you DO have to defend yourself… you may not get a fair trial afterward. The libs pulled every dirty trick in the book to try and get that boy murdered in prison. For us gunnie and rights and freedoms types… the unspoken message is that if you have to fire on a rioting mob… hide your identity, do it with a high capacity rifle and put enough lead down range to set every peaceful protester and recreational arsonist to his heels. Make sure there are no witnesses left alive, and do not cooperate with the police or establishment at all afterward. For their part, the shitlibs are saying they need to infringe on more of our rights to prevent us from shooting them for doing stuff like this. 

It strikes me that Nero is often wrongfully portrayed as an idiot that fiddled while Rome burned. Undoubtedly he made blunders and mistakes but when you get strife and turmoil like that, the blame goes all the way downhill to the morons in the street. When people decide to become ungovernable, you could have the best leaders with the best armies with the best toys… and none of that will do one whit of good. Nero was the only guy in the city that night that was doing anything useful - everyone else was chimping out and trying to erase their former civilization off the face of the earth! 

I like the rude jokes about becoming ungovernable in the face of attacks from the lunatic left…but rude jokes detract from the seriousness of the situation. By becoming ungovernable… everything we’ve built is up for grabs and our fates go into the hands of God. When we one decides to become ungovernable… the rest will be forced to as well.

I’m not saying the shithawk is wrong…but if you take his advice, the American eagle goes out the window, and the shithawk will become your national bird. And you may well end up like him, picking through the garbage and eating things you’d rather not. Most of the lefty morons out in the street and in our gubbimint are too dumb to see that far ahead. It makes the prepping issue a double whammy, really. You get it once when everything falls apart, and then again once the trash is finally taken out and you have to rebuild.

There’s a lot to be thinking about in the last of these “good old days”…

Friday, 26 November 2021

Spelling Bees Are Racist

 In addition they are hard on the self esteem of our less gifted students and other emissaries from heaven. We need scholastic challenges and academic tests that will negate systemic white privilege and encourage the oppressed. I believe we nowhave a great way to do that.

Play along! And any deplorables that take exception to the new cirriculum? They will be arrested by the FBI and hauled away for punishMINT! 

If any other special Ed students want to play along… the comments are wide open! 😊💨

Four Strong Farts by Neil Young

She Blinded Me With Flatulence by Thomas Dolby

Farting My Life Away by Eddie Rabbit

Love Is Brown - instrumental

Born To Fart - Bruce Springsteen

Flip, Flop And Fart by the Downchild Blues Band

Farty Days by Ronnie Hawkins

Fart In The Jar ny Metallica….