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Wednesday, 24 November 2021


 When Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of all charges, I got about half a dozen texts and emails (along with the appropriate inappropriate memes and rude jokes) from folks that were overjoyed with the verdict. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but...

Take a step back from this. Stop the high-fiving and think hard about this. The full video was out and in circulation before any of this even got to court. Shooting people for any reason is a serious matter, and sure, a preliminary investigation should have been held. But that should have been the end of it. It was a clear case of self defense. A violent group of morons tried to swarm and kill a 17 year old kid. They fucked around and found out, end of story.

The mass media failed first. Those guys did their level best to convince stupid people that a goofy 17 year old kid - in the wrong place at the wrong time - was not fighting for his life - he was rather a racist mass murderer. This was done deliberately with malice and forethought; they're still doing it. No, there is no room for 'alternative viewpoints' or 'opinions'. The video speaks for itself. Look this monster in the face and see it for what it is. Don't you dare look away - they want to feed this kid to the mob and see him torn apart. Today? Not a single peep with regards to that black baboon that ran over a bunch of kids in the Christmas parade. Bastards!

At the same time, every single law enforcement agency involved with it failed - right on up to the FBI. Those frauds suppressed evidence. That was no accident either. It was done with malice and forethought, with the goal of putting that boy in jail where he could be torn apart by black prisoners bent on revenge. Not a peep about rooting out the people involved in that and punishing them either. I'd kinda think perjury would be serious business for a reputable law enforcement agency. In the past maybe.

And the courts. That trial was an unmitigated shitshow. The prosecutors made Lionel Hutz look like a pro. How many other members of the judiciary are there like that? And why is the media allowed into the courtroom when they threaten to dox and intimidate jurors? In a real country, the incompetence and illegalities during this circus would have spawned other real trials that would involve firing squads afterward. 

That trial was nothing to celebrate. I see three institutions working together to murder a 17 year old kid. If it walks like a conspiracy, and quacks like a conspiracy... it probably IS a conspiracy. It will be dealt with, at length... but in the meantime... we have three very dangerous animals loose in our midst. There is no denying that at all.

And Kyle handed himself over to them and turned himself in. There is no excuse for not seeing these criminals and thugs for what they are, now. Call me a conspiracy nut, and I will call you a fucktard. Some  random thoughts on how to proceed with this knowledge might be in order.

Of course you don't go courting trouble. But if trouble comes to court you - and you need to defend yourself , your community  or your rights from peaceful protestors, recreational arsonists, and undocumented shoppers that wish to racially redistribute your wealth...? Keeping your face covered is a slam dunk these days. Fire from positions of concealment. After you make the shot(s) - move! Do not leave survivors or witnesses, do not take prisoners or perform citizen's arrests. Dress in dark colours and obscure your features as much as possible. Do not involve the cops, don't speak to the press, and if you find yourself caught up in the Establishment machine... your lawyer does ALL your talking for you - and may God be with you. It's doubtful, but maybe you'll get lucky like Kyle did.

Being honest and forthright with liars and cheats that want you dead is a great way to end up dead. You can no longer pretend there isn't a problem here anymore. You can no longer pretend these guys have any legitimacy. Unfortunately you cannot deny their power either. They have the force of gov't behind them. If you play by their rules, you are a sucker and you will get what they give you. Don't play by their rules anymore, you cannot afford to.

Your first duty is to your family and yourself. 

Take care of yourselves.



  1. Mr. Filthie- I agree with your interpretation of events. Where I live (West TX desert) we don't have to put up with this BS. Lots of Mexican people. They are family. The rest of the U.S. would be surprised as to how patriotic the Mexican people are. They are crazy smart. If stupid shit comes to our stoop, they won't be going home. I guarantee you that.

    1. Patriotic to Mexico, I presume? All the ones in the rest of the country seem to be.

    2. I don't believe that's what he meant, McChuck. I know a few Mexicans, and found them all friendly, hard working, and loyal to the United States.

    3. 2nd generation, maybe, and the older ones who had to go through the mill to get in. The younger ones though? Here I am! Gimme my free stuff! Then they go home and hoist Mexican flags and dare someone to pull it down. That'e their idea of loyalty...

  2. I used to carry a revolver, but had to switch to a semi-auto with a short trigger pull due to arthritis in my fingers. Seeing how, not just Rittenhouse, but others who have tried to defend themselves against the left's army of rioters have been treated by prosecutors and courts, I am planning on unloading all of my mags, wiping prints from the cartridges, and reloading them while wearing gloves. It's not that I intend to do anything illegal, but I don't want to be treated as a criminal should I have to act in self-defense.

  3. Saint Breivik showed us the way.

  4. I comment as a retired Police Officer with 28 years experience.
    If you are ever arrested then the only words you should ever say to any Police Officer are as follows, "I wish to have the benefit of legal counsel before making any statemment."
    If you are pressured, keep repeating the same words, over and over again. The Police are adept at twisting the meaning of words and the context in which they are said.
    I repeat, "I wish to have the benefit of legal counsel before making any statement."

    1. Thanks, I appreciate it.

      The version I heard was:
      I have done nothing wrong.
      He tried to kill me.
      I want my lawyer.

      Also, if you are packing a gun, put it someplace where it can be found - not on yourself. The reason being is that the persecutor / police must prove that this is your gun.

    2. Id' reduce it to one word; "LAWYER!"

  5. I agree with you, Glen. Shoot, move. Shoot, move. Wear gloves.
    Don't leave any brass behind.

    As far as the rest, yeah, I was high-fiving. For once the system worked as it should, even though every effort was made to taint the trial. I'm praying that this is a sign that "the rest of us" have had enough. Just to see the Left Wing media wailing and gnashing teeth was PRICELESS!

  6. It's certainly good that the trial went well for KR. It certainly never should have gone to trial.
    There is no longer any legitimate government in the US. There is only God's law, and don't get caught doing it.

    1. Yep.

      Under different but similar circumstances, it is a case of shoot, shovel and shut up...