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Monday, 15 November 2021

 I almost wept tears of real woe and sorrow when my 1860 repro cap n’ ball gun went down with a broken cylinder hand back in the summer… just when I mastered the art of making paper cartridges for it too, goddammit.

The guys at Taylor’s sent me an email the other day saying they got the replacement parts in. I asked them to proceed with the order. This’ll be my third time dealing with them - the first two times were goat rodeos. They sent me the wrong parts, both times, and wouldn’t take them back. If they fuck this order up and burn me again… I’ll be venting my spleen on all the rod and gun forums. Small good it will do… but hell’s bells… this is no way to treat a customer. I’m kinda hooped though… they are the only guys that carry the parts on a regular basis that I have access to.

I’m crossing my fingers. I love these pistols, and getting replacement parts should not be an issue.


  1. I was cleaning my Springfield V-16 over at a friend's machine shop, which is three-quarters junk yard and one-quarter overcrowded shop. Everything was fine until - sprong!

    The recoil spring guide took off for parts unknown. We never did find it, and I didn't know what to call it so as to order another one. Instead, I laid out all the remaining parts, took a digital photo and emailed it to Springfield along with an explanation. Two weeks later the missing part arrives - no charge.

    Now that's good customer service.

  2. Possibly another source--

    I have a Navy Arms 1875 Remington and a Cimarron Model P Colt Clone, both in 44-40. Bought the Remington at the (gasp!) San Francisco Gun Exchange back in '78. Had them both out a bit ago to check the fit of some handloads. The Remington cylinder is a bit shorter, so I load ammo to fit each revolver.

    I brought Colt to full cock, and the cylinder kept going. So, either a leg broke off the cylinder bolt, or the spring leg that runs the cylinder bolt broke. Pleeeease let it be the spring as any needed fitting is much simpler. Thankfully, it was. Fortunately, I had ordered spare parts in the far way back times and was able to R&R the spring in short order.

  3. Keep us updated on this please - I am considering getting a cartridge conversion cylinder for a BP gun they built long ago - if they aren't reliable any more, I would want to look elsewhere.


  4. gravy sakes! I might be able to file one out of some 4140, or even HSS if'n you need it badly. I got my magnifying light working again. I just need to get the vise set up on my little work table and I'd be running.

  5. Try Dixie gun works. They should have it and are very reliable