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Friday, 19 November 2021

Anybody Have A COVID Passport?

How do the ones on your cell phone work? 

I am asking because a scholarly, handsome and articulate friend of mine has another friend that is a hare lipped retard that got himself vaxxed. So the tard texts my friend a pic of the thing and he plans to use it to pass himself off as a true believing Covidian. Do you just store a copy of it in your pics on your phone?

It has one of those scannable digi-print things on it - do they actually check those...? 

Needless to say I find the whole sordid affair most unsavoury, and am of half a mind of informing the authorities!!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!


  1. You can get the "Clear" app (in the app store) which is what NY State uses as a reconized 'passport' on yer fon. Take a pic, of you, your ID and set up facial recognition, and it'll create a QR code that'll display. Mind you choose the FREE version and DON'T sign up for the subscription version or it'll be $10 or more a month... which is stupid.

    If you want a physical 'band' you can wear with a QR Code, then immunaband dot com'll work. That's a one-shot $30+/-.

    I got both as well as my laminated "papieren bitte!"
    Sieg Heil and all that rot Aye?

  2. First, you have to submit to having the death syrup injected into your body. Next, you have to have an electronic tracking device in your pocket. Screw 'em and the goat they rode in on.

  3. I wonder, if the jab turns out to have some dangerous long term side-effects, if those that took the jab will be able to tolerate the "I told you so" they would hear constantly? That, and would they be grateful, and apologetic, to those that help them through the crises of debilitating illnesses?

    1. I don't think the jabbed will have trouble with the admonition from the pure-bloods. They'll be busy sucking piss six feet below grade.

    2. It looks like we the unjabbed are going to be busy holding the hands of family and friends who 'drank the kool-aid' as we pray for their souls and a healing to be smug.

  4. l heard they can tell if you are faking it because when you walk through an airport scanner it shows up in your system, that is how they are pulling out fakers trying to fly.
    also heard, yet to prove, ye of the jabbed(TM) can scan themselves with a barcode scanner and it will "read them".