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Thursday, 25 November 2021

Dream ANALysis

 It's bizzare.

Background: at random intervals when I am puttering around down in the Reclusium, I will pull a gat out and just run through some routine dry fire drills. Commonly I will aim at the black screws holding the white drywall up, and carefully squeeze through the shot and note where my sights end up. I use snap caps to protect the gun. It's the Ruger Redhawk, usually - and it doesn't bother me at all about the wear and tear on the other parts, all my dry firing drills will do is actually smooth the gun up rather than inducing accelerated wear.


Last couple a nights, deeply assleeep, my dreams carry me away and I find myself at my old office. With my bow. For some reason, I nock an arrow, aim at a drywall screw and let fly. The arrow goes right through, and hits low and to the left. Then I realize I have no idea what's on the other side of the wall, and I wake up in a panic and poop the bed in fright thinking I might have shot someone and wondering why in hell I would do something so unsafe.

The next night it all happens again. The old hole from the previous night's shot is there, and this one drops even more low and to the left. I wake up in a panic again.

Last night I am in someone's apartment and having coffee with some gun club duffers... and I do the same thing again. This time the wall stops the arrow - and on the other side of the wall is the apartment shitter. We all gather round, pull the arrow through and start gabbling about broadheads, shaft weights and spines and such. Nobody thinks its odd or weird for someone to pull a bow out and start shooting through walls indoors.

I've never had repeating dreams like this. I wonder if it means I have perverted and suppressed insecurities or something? I fear I may have to seek some deep therapy with a sympathetic psychological expert like Pete F or Quartermain....


  1. DUDE !!!!
    Put the caps back on the glue in your workshop !!!

  2. Happy Turkey Day to the thankfully unwoke mob that generally congregates here!

  3. Seems perfectly normal to me.

  4. I have always wished I could submit some of my dreams to someone to make movies with, I would be super rich by now.

  5. I try to build totally fubared projects in my sleep. I have to wake up to get some rest.

  6. you know your enemies are lowdown leftists maybe God is telling you that you may have to actively defend against them perhaps you are already doing so with this web log

  7. I read about a popo that lived on the second floor. He pulled his duty Glock, cleared it, then dry fired it so he could disassemble and clean it. Only, it wasn't cleared, and he put a round through the bed into the downstairs bedroom of that apartment. He ran downstairs and knocked and hollered, no answer. He was afraid they were "stacked" on the bed and he got them both. Turned out they were oot and aboot. No harm done.

    Maybe it's glue fumes, maybe it's late night pizza, might even be a reminder to look on the other side of the wall first.

    In the spirit of the US Thanksgiving, I'm thankful you share your stub-fartedness on this'heer blog. It has definitely been a good place to hang out...

    1. For me, that is the other part of the dry fire deal: slow right down, think through the steps: pick up the gun, mindful of the muzzle. Drop the mag, open the action, clear the gun. Load the gun (with the snap caps) mindful of the muzzle, and proceed through the rest of the drill. Guys rush through it thinking they are proving something when in fact, the real pros slow down, do it slow, and do it right. In my case if I ever do have an AD, I am in the basement and can probably fire a live 50 cal down there through a wall without hurting anyone...

      Guys I hope you all had a grand Thanksgiving - and that you have the sense to keep Black Friday and the ensuing madness at a safe distance...