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Saturday, 27 November 2021

Filthicus: We ARE Entertained


I’m still trying to digest what happened with the whole Rottenhouse thing. On one hand ya have the heaping, steaming pile of moist fetid politics of the the thing. There is no doubt that there is institutionalized evil in your gubbimint and they tried twice to kill that boy in broad daylight with the cameras rolling. Some of the people involved with that should be hanged, too. That nonsense never should have made it to court.

But sometimes…

Sometimes things get so mean and so nasty… the govt needs to step in, and lay all the cards on the table and make sure justice is done, and that people see it being done. Although they are too stupid and corrupt to accept the message, it came through loud and clear to anyone with an IQ above freezing: the the liberal faggotry were told that if they eff around, they are liable to find out, and there will be no sympathy for them in the courts when they do. They made sure that even the geriatric FJB in the Oval Office heard it.

Another message came out for us: if you take a gun into the street, you will answer for every shot you take. A lot of us aren’t hearing that message either. Still another message came out of all that for us too: if you DO have to defend yourself… you may not get a fair trial afterward. The libs pulled every dirty trick in the book to try and get that boy murdered in prison. For us gunnie and rights and freedoms types… the unspoken message is that if you have to fire on a rioting mob… hide your identity, do it with a high capacity rifle and put enough lead down range to set every peaceful protester and recreational arsonist to his heels. Make sure there are no witnesses left alive, and do not cooperate with the police or establishment at all afterward. For their part, the shitlibs are saying they need to infringe on more of our rights to prevent us from shooting them for doing stuff like this. 

It strikes me that Nero is often wrongfully portrayed as an idiot that fiddled while Rome burned. Undoubtedly he made blunders and mistakes but when you get strife and turmoil like that, the blame goes all the way downhill to the morons in the street. When people decide to become ungovernable, you could have the best leaders with the best armies with the best toys… and none of that will do one whit of good. Nero was the only guy in the city that night that was doing anything useful - everyone else was chimping out and trying to erase their former civilization off the face of the earth! 

I like the rude jokes about becoming ungovernable in the face of attacks from the lunatic left…but rude jokes detract from the seriousness of the situation. By becoming ungovernable… everything we’ve built is up for grabs and our fates go into the hands of God. When we one decides to become ungovernable… the rest will be forced to as well.

I’m not saying the shithawk is wrong…but if you take his advice, the American eagle goes out the window, and the shithawk will become your national bird. And you may well end up like him, picking through the garbage and eating things you’d rather not. Most of the lefty morons out in the street and in our gubbimint are too dumb to see that far ahead. It makes the prepping issue a double whammy, really. You get it once when everything falls apart, and then again once the trash is finally taken out and you have to rebuild.

There’s a lot to be thinking about in the last of these “good old days”…


  1. understood that kyle and his buds were trying to defend the business they work at
    notice the koreans in LA were not charged when defending their businesses in the rodney king chaos
    part of miami was burned down when we lived there
    the ethnic group living there were the victims of their own kind and then all businesses left and they had to go miles for the necessities

  2. The Left is already ungovernable. Most black inner-city hoods are cop-free shooting zones. Look at a week's worth of blatant, organized looting in Oakland. Look at the southern border that's opened wider than a whore's thighs.

    Oh, wait, the MSM failed to report on any of that. Again.

  3. Seasonally appropriate post. Thank you Mr Filthie. I hope you find peace.