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Monday, 15 November 2021

Filthie Gets Fingered

 Does anything even faze you anymore? 10…20 years ago we used to clutch at our pearls and talk about slippery slopes and tearing down Chesterton’s Fence and stuff like that when the queers and pedos went out for their parades in fetish gear.


I’ve just seen it all. That gal could have pooped on stage and eaten it and I’d yawn. Vulgarity just bores me now. I get what they are trying to do: outrageous acts like this are their way of giving the prudes and the mainstream folks the finger.  Problem in my case is - I’ve been fingered beyond all recognition. 

These women and freaks are so angry. The hell of it is they can’t explain why (if you ask five of them why they’re so angry, you’ll get six different answers). They always get what they’re screaming for and it just seems to make them crazier. I no longer care why they’re so angry. If there as a point to that young lady emptying herself on stage, I don’t care to know the details. 

Hell’s a-poppin’ down in the Reclusium, and I have better things to do. 

And, hopefully - so do you! 😉👍


  1. I kept Hoping that was bullshit..
    But, Nooo..
    He just LET her Do That?
    DafuxxWRONG with people?

  2. Imagine if you said "No hymen, no diamond" on stage at such an event. The shrieking harpies would know true outrage.

  3. say it and see if any of the whores stroke out
    also all young men make that a saying you live by