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Saturday, 13 November 2021

Good Advice


Ayup. Yup, yup, yup. In my years on this earth, I’ve watched a couple folks get on paths that only lead to perdition and woe… and they absolutely, flat out REFUSE to see where they are going. I watched alcohol carry off a good friend and mentor. It bothered me so much I begged him to get help from AA or something like that. But no - he was alright! He was fine! I should pish off with my foolish nagging! I watched a coworker and his wife mire themselves hopelessly in debt. They got caught in a psychological addiction to consumerism and materialism neither could control. I begged him to get help too, they have programs for people that can’t control themselves with credit. Most banks will refer you to them if you ask. But he just laughed at me and told me that it wasn’t the Dirty 30’s anymore, and I didn’t have to squirrel my coins away and live like a peasant. I zipped my lip. They have to hit rock bottom, sometimes.

I am in no position to look down my nose either. I am overweight and old and deep within heart attack country. And yet I gobble and eat like a horse. I suppose I better saddle up Mort and head out for a long morning walk, and maybe pass on the wife’s wonderful cooking. 

If I go down with redlined cholesterol and the BMI of a small battleship… if I die and go to hell… I’ll blame the wife and her cooking for it! HAR HAR HAR! I suppose everyone hits that end of the road where you just can’t keep kicking the can anymore. 

May the road in front of you be long…and may your kicks at the can be short! Have a great Saturday you guys - and thanks for stopping in.


  1. If I die of a heart attack, at least it won't be from blood clots caused by the death jab.

  2. Had a checkup yesterday. Everything is good, lungs are even getting a bit better. Still no where near walking the dog good, tho.

    Today I hit 59. And it's as desolate and raw here as a January day on the high plains where I grew up.

    I'm proud for your care for your friends, you have a good heart.
    I'm proud you have a wife that loves you and doesn't ask "yeah, but what have you done for me lately?" Gravy that will wear you thin quick.

    You are in a good place. So, wake yourself up and moderate what you need to so you last as long as you are supposed to. This world needs good, decent stub-farts like you to last as long as possible. When the dust settles, it'll be up to us that bridge the gap between the 1930's mindset and the shit-lib now to teach the next gen some life skills.

    I'm working with my niece (18), to learn some stuff that I wish someone had just puked out at me when I was that age. And my nephew (14) is starting to come around to "help" me a couple times a week. He's another captive "student". If nothing else, they will hear something that may come to mind later when they need it. My kids are grown and busy. They didn't have the bent to learn what I know, even though I tried to get them interested. But there are others out there. May not be blood, but they are worth the effort. Keeps me from focusing on my navel so much. And that is GOOD.

    1. When I was a kid a guy like you would have been a rock star, STxAR. Everything’s changed now…including us I suppose…

  3. "Eat right, exercise, die anyway."

    - My Doctor

  4. No point in living if you can't enjoy it.

  5. The term I keep coming across is "normalcy bias". Yup, you can't make people see what they don't want to see. And programs like AA are not for those who need it. They're for those who want it. And to want it, the addict has to hit bottom in some way. Problem is, many, if not most don't live through that bottom. I was lucky, a high bottom drunk they call people like me. But I kicked John Barleycorn to the curb back in 1991, and have been stone cold sober since. Though I never got into pills or needles, I kinda liked the approach of NA: "We don't care what your drug of choice is, how much you used, or who your connection is. All we want to know is what are you doing about it today?" And even the non-drug addicts; gamblers and even just crass consumerism addicts like your acquaintances above, are still addicts. What are you doing about it today?
    Yeah, I could stand to lose a few pounds too (probably more than a few). My problem is a wife who can't gain weight and needs to. She can eat sugar with impunity, and I can't. So her constant bin of cookies on the kitchen counter is hers alone, and I'm cold turkey on them. I try to keep the sugar to a minimum; I'd like to get back on a low carb diet, but she cooks and I eat. Sigh.
    As for the insanity of the world at large, I like a comment in a recent rant by Michael Yon: "If you're surprised by anything that's happening, you need to adjust your paradigm until you're no longer surprised." I must be there already, because as disgusting as anything that passes for nooz is, I'm just not surprised by it at all.

  6. Hello Filthie, Have not read it lately though you might remember Matthew 13. I hope you find solace. Some of us are trying real hard to see and hear. Thank you for writing your posts.