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Friday, 19 November 2021

Hmppffffff. Henry.....?


Guys I just vapour lock when it comes to Henry rifles. Okay - that brass repro of the original Henry lever gun is a dream boat. One of the wanks at the gun club had one and they had an absolute hoot shooting at the 200 yard gong with it. They even got it a few times and they never missed by much. 200 yards is a loooong way for a pistol cartridge even when fired from a rifle. 

Flapz bought one in .22 and foolishly loaned it to me. I only returned it when he pushed a double barrel 12 bore up my nose and told me what would happen if I didn't give it back. That thing could open cans faster than my 10-22 semi-auto and was more accurate. The balance and ergonomics were right up there with any other lever gun. If I was 12 years old, I would be praying for one of these under the Christmas Tree in December. (Which should remind us old stubfarts - God is not the only one who can answer such prayers. A Henry .22 would make a fine gift for the young sportsman in your circle).

But... they aren't Winchester's are Marlin's. They have their own lines and their own look, and that unsettles the traditionalist in me. Regardless - if you have one, be careful who you loan it too. Even snobbish purists can be tempted to theft and folly with these fine guns - but ya didn't hear me say that! HAR HAR HAR!!!

As for Black Rifle Coffee - f*** those guys. They threw Kyle Rittenhouse under the bus, There is a pronounced democrat/liberal streak to them and their coffee is mediocre at best. Which reminds me... where is MY coffee?!?!? 

Friday is off to a very tenuous start!



    1. Yep. Fuck those guys. Canceled my subscription over a year ago, and told them why when they called to ask me to renew.

  2. Mossberg lever guns sort of look like that Henry up there. At least sez my dusty memory banks. The wood stocks on that look very Winchester XTRish.

    I keep hoping some company will try and re-introduce the Savage 99 lever gun. Dang - those are pretty, yet retain 'Ye Olde School' heritage. I nknow it isn't easy to replicate, but with today's technology, maybe that has changed ?