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Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Humpday Ramble

The Reclusium Subterranium has been driving me bonkers. Unfortunately with all my other mental health problems I never realized what a problem this was: the place was a friggin mess! Where did all this junk come from? When we moved in 25 years ago…you could see the entire floor and push a broom from one side to the other without hitting anything. My wife is a pack rat, and I am a slob! The good thing is that these things always look worse than they are. I know where 99.99% of all the junk down here is and it cleans up fast.

Over the years I have had a lot of fun down here. Scrubbing guns, reloading, home projects, hiding away from obnoxious visiting in-laws…  😊 I found another old cat toy in the scrap lumber. Years ago we had this little black cat that lived for Cat Soccer. Ya threw his little plastic ball with the bell in it, and off he’d go to fetch it and bring it back so you could throw it again - just like a dog. His other favourite game was to hop up on this bench, knock the tools off, and then run like hell before I could beat his black ass. He did real damage too, my little drill press went over one day… and I came this close to getting the .22 out and turning the Reclusium into a shooting gallery. He’d knock something over, and then dash to hide in the scrap limber, and he’d push that over too. If he got caught and spanked - the only message he got was “Do it faster and run faster next time so ya don’t get caught…”. He was a real wise guy until I borrowed my daughter’s water pistols. After a few soakings the little shit finally got the message. After he repented and stopped being a bastard, he’d sit on a stool or lay down on a corner of the bench and just be near.

Gawd, I miss him. Been a lot of time go by down here. There’s a lot of old memories stacked up neatly, and strewn about at random. This is what my mind looks like, I suppose. You can get stuff done, down here… but if something gets tossed into a random corner because you’re too lazy to throw it in the garbage, or you’re not ready to part with it yet… that’s okay too. You can always clean it up if ya have too. There’s treasure and trash down here, and you can bark your knuckles and shins and stub your toe trying to deal with it. 

I had delusions of running this thing off an OS .46...and... no way. Hey - there's no one that loves the OS .46 engine more than me, but this one... she's a big 'un. I have a brand new big Thundercat engine on the Sea Fury that might have to be installed on this instead. I forgot what size that one was. If I can't use that... maybe a DLE gasser...? My options are limited here because this one is not small... but it's not a monster either. Not sure a gasser engine small enough is available that will run this thing. I'd love to get away from nitromethane if I can, but whatever.

I have just discovered the idea of flaperons. I dunno if I need flaps for this plane... but my nigger-rigged single-engined Twinstar could sure use them. That thing lands so damned fast and the roll out is awful long... flaps may or may not be a good idea. The balsa is supposed to come in this week, and I still have some stuff to get. I am just going to do the pin up and layout on a piece of styrofoam insulation.

It is going to snow soon... and killing a cold winter down in the warm Reclusium leaves me looking forward to it.

Have a good Humpday guys - and thanks for dropping in.


  1. You haven't seen my basement yet.... lets just say nature abhors a vacuum... My garage, my shop and my tool shed are the same.
    Looking forwards to seeing the progress on the Ugly Stick.

  2. Nice place to call home. That is one thing I wish we had more of here in the south... a full house basement. What you see is what you get here. Nothing below grade but termites, Formosan termites. You can hear them eating. They are voracious.

  3. That shop is way too clean and organised, you'll never get anything done there.