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Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Interesting Optics

The riflescope manufacturers have been trying to get onboard ballistics and ranging utilities onto their products for years with fair to middling success. Blog visitor AB points out this little number:

I dunno what to think of it. At first glance, I’m turned off. I get close when I shoot at game, they go down with one shot and it’s all over. I am the kind of man that will thumb his nose at a bad shot, and frowns on chasing wounded animals. But there are guys that can and do make the long shots, and for them maybe onboard ballistics computers make sense. They’ve got the algorithms down pat - I know that with every gun I have, the ballistics program from Vihtavuori will predict bullet drop with amazing accuracy. If you took that one, loaded it onto a scope with reliable electromechanical aiming reticles… you’ll be on the money every time, if you do your part.

If you are one of those guys who goes all in on pushing your guns to their mechanical (and now, electronic) limits… maybe this little Burris is for you? We can get some seriously chilly weather in my neck of the woods, and I dunno if that would impair this scope or not? I have precision scopes and I gotta tell ya… I hate dinking around with scopes while hunting. For hunting, I like a 3x9 with no parallax and I leave it on the lowest setting. This thing would be overkill for me. For the range…yeah, maybe? But then I have BPCR Buffalo guns with precision vernier tang sights to play with… so this product might not be a good fit for me there either…

One thing’s for sure… the times they are a-changin’. These are not the guns of our fathers or grandfathers… and the young shooters today will be making their own legends with their own equipment.


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