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Friday, 19 November 2021

Lookit The Jugs On That Bi-

 There are times that we are rudely reminded that the American V twin engine is not the last word in motorcycle legend and nostalgia. The old Boxer engine has a style and romance all its own… I’ve heard they are coming out in the 1800cc monster class now too…

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  1. Very cool. I`ve seen posts of the new 1802 cc Cruiser. Sound like a blast for torque lovers, and the boxer layout. Ugly tho. INMHO. The picture You shared, I`m afraid, is as cool as it will ever get for The Bavarian. Love Your Blog, Sir. Much more will have to be done to ever cancel the allegiance I have with My 2020 Street Glide. Guessing the Boxer would have Me arguing with My Girl about the cost of rear rubber. It is indeed, a beast, and appears as such.