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Wednesday, 17 November 2021

No, liberals and socialists are turning the kids into degenerates.
They are using music, schools, comic books
and video games to attack them too.

They’re too smart to face you - so they’ll go after your women and kids instead.
Even they can stand against leftist evil, as Kyle Rittenhouse is
doing today.I am so old, I remember when we laughed at stuff like this.

I’m not laughing anymore.


  1. If I start playing Rock & Roll, will the Missus start dressing like that?

  2. It's not rock and roll the degenerates listen to anymore. It's Yung Loomis and all kinds of misspelled, ebonics riddled trash mumbling over a drum machine. And the limp wristed sissys rapping to show you how 'country' they are.