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Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Our Knife And Cutlery Expert Makes Some Recommendations

Not seeing anything I gotta have, Vince.
Maybe the skinners…? 

The hawks look nice… but the head shape
lends them more to weaponry 
rather than bushcraft…


  1. Don't see anything practical there. They have as much appeal as those fantasy swords they used to sell on TV after midnight, and probably all made in the same chink factory.

  2. Is there a name for the cleaver type pieces?

  3. Pardon my ignorance if you can, but what is it about the shape of the head that makes them assault-hawks? Are they self swinging? Do they have "bump-handles' or eeeeevil black soul-catchers or something?

    To my utterly ignorant eye, they look like Norse "bearded" axes, which other than looking like sex-on-a-stick, seem to have a longer than normal head. This would be an improvement for a poorly-co-ordinated, cross-eyed Clarence of an axeman like me - it would protect the handle from poorly aimed swings at timber. Not sure why that makes them "tactikewl". Then again, I am not a warrior. (Though being cross-eyed has some advantages - aim at middle target, spray all targets left, right & middle).

    1. Well you're more an expert than I am, A. Right now I am running that colonial belt axe from Track Of The Wolf. It is scalloped both upward and downward which just fits my taste in esthetics better. It has the flared axe head on one side, and the hammer head on the other.

      I have never been much of a hawk/hatchet guy, as they seem too light for serious wood work in my world, where I prefer a light axe as a minimum. For nasty social work though, that involves edged weapons... I think they are easily as good as a knife and maybe even better. Some of our squaddies in Afghanistan were carrying hawks and making a show of it too. Those mudflaps fear and respect edged weapons much more so than guns... but who knows. If this is your axe - hand your money over to Vince, and take your pick!