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Friday, 26 November 2021

Pervert Friday

I am often accused of misogyny because I don’t respect women enough. The other day I noticed that Cankles Clinton had come crawling out of the woodwork to run her mouth about fake news or some goddamned thing - by being interviewed by Rachael Madcow or whoever that guy is. If those two yapping mutts are to serve as examples of the modern woman… GAH. In that case, yes, I am deeply contemptuous of such women, and the pink haired, lard assed, chicken headed nattering hens and clueless she-twinks that follow them.

In point of fact, though … perhaps I don’t spend enough time admiring the women. Today I shall do so…while trying to keep it clean out of respect for the gals that make our worlds run. It forces the question - what constitutes the respectable woman these days? Years ago I started pruning the shrews, hags and harridans from my life… and was astonished by the number of ladies that remained. In pop culture, our sluts, skanks, and tosspots occupy the spotlight and caper and gibber for attention and respect…but right under my nose were any number warm, respectable gals that could whip up a great supper, or round up a gaggle of kids and take them on adventures that will broaden their horizons and entertain them at the same time. How did we allow them to be pushed aside for the likes of Cankles Clinton or Rachael Maddow? How in hell am I supposed to respect clowns like those? Nope. Not gonna happen.

Might as well get hung as a sheep as a lamb. Today I will indulge my inner pervert. It might be worthwhile to remember the respectable women in our circles today, and make a point of seeing that they are not taken for granted, and let them know that they are appreciated.


  1. Excellent idea. I will steal it and make it my own. Might share it too.

  2. You are funny and insightful.
    Funny line "being interviewed by Rachael Madcow or whoever that guy is"

  3. For what it is worth, most respectable women hold Canckles, Et Al. in contempt too.

  4. i am semi-respectable woman
    that lot are contemptible and they are contemptuous of all us real people
    turn the telly to something uplifting or read a book
    when i see all the tv full of harridans or well meaning[?] but empty headed 'spokeswomen' i just flip past
    very yucky
    i could buy property with the cash spent on their hair ,makeup, and claws