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Friday, 26 November 2021

Spelling Bees Are Racist

 In addition they are hard on the self esteem of our less gifted students and other emissaries from heaven. We need scholastic challenges and academic tests that will negate systemic white privilege and encourage the oppressed. I believe we nowhave a great way to do that.

Play along! And any deplorables that take exception to the new cirriculum? They will be arrested by the FBI and hauled away for punishMINT! 

If any other special Ed students want to play along… the comments are wide open! 😊💨

Four Strong Farts by Neil Young

She Blinded Me With Flatulence by Thomas Dolby

Farting My Life Away by Eddie Rabbit

Love Is Brown - instrumental

Born To Fart - Bruce Springsteen

Flip, Flop And Fart by the Downchild Blues Band

Farty Days by Ronnie Hawkins

Fart In The Jar ny Metallica….


  1. Yellow Fart - by the Beatles

  2. Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and farting with a Pict - Pink Floyd

  3. only women fart, alice cooper

  4. Who could forget that wonderful musical, Fartalot?

  5. Great job. It was useful.

  6. At one job I had, one night we had a thing where we would take a song title and add under the bed sheets.

    'Abraham, Martin, and John under the bed sheets' didn't go over well.

    But I won it with 'Still Crazy After All These Years under the bed sheets'

    That was about 30 years ago.

  7. "Die Zauberfurz" (Mozart's "The Magic Fart"). "L'Elisir d'Scoreggia" (The Elixir of Fart, by Donizetti). Or Lehar's "Die Blähend Witwe" ("The Farting Widow")

  8. House of the Rising Fart

    Fartin' In a Coal Mine

    The Battle Fart of The Republic

    Expressway To Your Fart