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Thursday, 18 November 2021

Thursday Music And The Filthie Marriage Counsellor


🎼🎵Shot through the balls, 
And you're to blame!🎵
You give love a bad name...!!!!🎶

Gawd that toon sucked cack in the 80's
and age has not improved it!

It's so easy when you're outside the blast and fallout radius and can look at the carnage from a safe vantage point. Anyone can be a marriage counsellor because at any given time, one of the parties in any dispute is in the wrong, and one is in the right. The remedies should be straight forward, but the human heart is what it is, and wants what it wants. That is why our family courts are all gong shows. That’s why, even when one party or the other wins… they inevitably lose. Sure, you can walk away from family courts laughing… but you probably won’t be laughing for long. People learn way too late that traditional Christian families and roles evolved the way they did because they worked and were a good deal for everyone - particularly women. Some folks never learn it at all.

Right now the big thing is race mixing. Every ad I see, it’s mixed race couples. Even the gay ones… and it’s virtually a crime to notice that these things almost inevitably end badly. It’s long gone, now, but a study on interracial marriages went horribly wrong awhile back, and showed that northwards of 95% of black/white marriages ended in divorce. (If I recall, it was 95% for white husband/black wife couples, and 98% for black husband/white wife couples). The associated domestic violence involved with black husbands and white wives went right off the charts too. Of course it all got hushed up and scrubbed from the innernet as thought crime.

And of course the response to this problem has been high comedy too: domestic violence is seen as societal problem that occurs right across the demographic spectrum, and all men must have to answer and atone for it. But the fact of the matter is that the vast amount of domestic violence occurs in low IQ couples… hence the heretical results of the racial component of the study.

It’s so easy for folks to get into places they don’t belong these days, isn’t it? They get there with the best of intentions, and are scolded and punished if they see the warning signs along the way. In better days we knew better than to ‘experiment’ with drugs, or our family roles, our morals and ethics. Once you get into these pickles, there is no way out either, or at least one that doesn’t involve large amounts of pain and heartache.

We are in for a penny, here at the Thunderbox… so we may as well go in for a pound: if you insist on engaging in social experiments, there is a virtual certainty that you will get a socially just outcome. Getting beaten black and blue in the name of affirmative action is just such a case. 

The real victim here is the sproglet.


  1. When I hired on with the current company we had to have "new hire" training. Basically a corporate culture camp. One of the classes was a sensitivity class. This was in '98. I figured it was a beat on white males exercise.... only this one wasn't. The instructor was a deeply tan man, and he gave me hope. He said things like, "at our diversity luncheons, I noticed that black folks hung out with black folks and white folks hung out with white folks. What I learned was birds of a feather flock together." And inwardly I rejoiced. One of the lab experiments was to compare notes on the observance of July 4th and Thanksgiving. Everyone had a different way of celebrating. He mentioned that culture comes from family. Man, that was refreshing.

    But mixing too different cultures results in a messy experiment. Equal parts vinegar and soda will yield a messy result.

  2. All valid points. I went over it the other day... in fact Match doer com here Stateside has been pushing Match for Black, Female Lesbians, who make up like what 1/1000th percent of the population? Good job there on targeting your audience assholes.

    Other things: Re-Added you to my Fellow Travellers blogroll... no idea what happened to the list before, I -thought- I had you up there s you and yer thugs, Quartermain et. al. are always welcome to come over and sit a spell at my squat. I -also- today did a "Filthie Homage" pic, sort of like the ones your regularlly poast of classic weapons and whatnot. Go check it if you want...

    But otherwise... Hope all is well... sick with the flu right now (not Kung but reg'lar feel-like-shytte-flu...) tis the season Aye?

  3. "... The instructor was a deeply tan man"

    Is there any other kind for these classes?

    I attended my very first one way back in 1973 when I was in the Navy. A black CPO was the instructor. (I'm not knocking him. I actually thought he did a good job.) But every single one of these classes I've attended since - and there have been a great many - without exception has been run by a black man. Apparently, no white men, and no women of any kind, need apply.

    I wonder why that is?

    1. When I was in the Army in 1980, the jogger C.O. (who spoke fluent ebonics gave the presentation. It stunk.