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Friday, 31 December 2021

Happy New Years Eve

 It’s popular and customary to make resolutions, set goals for the new year and review the last one. Folks - I’ll hope you’ll forgive me if I take a hard pass? Things are so crazy now. Crazy people do crazy stuff, win stupid prizes… and I’m supposed to act surprised, feel sorry for them, take responsibility for them and reach for my wallet to help them out when Darwin and Murphy are done beating them up. Every day for the last half dozen years or more, I have watched our marginalized officially oppressed victim groups get everything they want… and they just keep getting nastier and meaner. They want to change the world when they don’t even know how it works. Now I don’t know how it works anymore. It’s getting to the point where retirement planning means stocking up on beer, ammo, supplies and popcorn…


The pressure is dropping, the temp is going up. The compass spins wild and isn’t worth the time of day. Morons, grifters and carnies hemm and hawww over the instruments and pretend to understand them as they come up with increasingly fake and gay “science”. It’s clown world’s kingdom come.

I made my choice long ago; the world isn’t complicated. Do what’s right. There are no shortcuts. Look after yourself. That’s my goal for 2022. It’s not that hard. Although, sometimes…GAH. But life was never meant to be easy, was it?

From the simple folk here at Castello Di La Filthie… have yourselves a righteous New Year first and foremost, and the happiness will follow that and hopefully spread to those around you. All the best to you and yours in 2022… and thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, 30 December 2021

Moldering Oldies

 Over on Blab the stupid kids are all laughing about horrible music from the past. There seems to be a schism developing between which decade was worse for producing bad music - the 70s, or the 80s? I’d refer them over to Kim du Toit on that one… when that guy starts talking about music, I put on the shooting ear muffs. I was a school kid in the 70s and mostly escaped the horrors of Dolly Parton, Meathead, Elton John, etc. I was too busy playing outside and getting away from my family and my brother and his electric guitar and frequent beatings.

But I got it right between the ears in the 80s as adulthood pressed down on me. Cindy Lauper, Billy Idol, Wham!, Prince…🤮 

Thunderbox rules folks! If I gotta listen to it… so do you!

How ‘bout you? Have you got any traumatic mnemonic musical maladies that you are repressing? Leave ‘em in the comments, if you’re so inclined. It’s the time of year to indulge old memories and old times.


Trusting The Science Here, Boss…


When I think back on the COVID hysteria… the implications of what we saw were boggling. The fake stats alone were an insult to my intelligence, never mind yours. When I was a kid in school, techies and scientists even went to jail for that kind of thing. The COVID hysteria was nothing short of scientific and professional betrayal and no bones about it.

Could the anti-smoking campaign be based on the same science COVID was? Consider your experience. When I was a kid in the 70s they told us that if you smoked, YOU WERE GOING TO GET CANCER AND DIE HORRIBLY. They brought in wheezing retches in wheelchairs on oxygen. They’d lecture us on how THEY SMOKED AND GOT CANCER AND WERE GOING TO DIE HORRIBLY. Nowadays when I buy a package of fine cigars there’s pictures on the tin of diseased and prolapsed orifices and lungs that look like tar pots. All the doctors agreed!!! Lookit the stats!!!! Don’t smoke or you’re gonna die!

My grandad smoked like a stack almost to the day he died. He crapped out at 87. His son smoked like a stack until his late 50’s. He’s 80 and senility will probably get him before cancer does. I quit in my late 40s. (Technically I suppose I didn’t; I smoke a few gaggers in summer for a treat but stay clean the rest of the year).  I don’t know ANYONE in my life EVER, that died from smoking related cancer or illness. I heard of friends of friends that did, but co-morbidities were always involved.

Of course, I am not telling anyone to smoke. If you are you should quit because smoking isn’t a right or a freedom; it is the slavery of addiction that only a lower order primate or a libertarian could defend. But…I don’t like being stick handled. When you can’t trust your clergy, when you can’t trust your scientific community… you often can’t trust your other leaders either. 

How long has this betrayal been going on?

An Appaloosamoose...?




It's a thing, apparently.


Okay, that thing is not a response to the currently popular 300 Blackout. I understand that the Soviets have the 9x39 round for that...? If I remember my trivia, those things are like hen's teeth and are seldom seen in the wild. Now this thing...? I wonder what they are hoping to achieve with that...? I don't think that thing even has a rear sight on it...

Hmppffffff! I need to do some googling and fact checking. If any of you have any facts or info, feel free to drop 'em off in the comments...

Today's Rude Joke


When WW3 comes it is a foregone conclusion that we are going to lose.
Perhaps it's for the best.

This mutt is wearing The Odour Order Of Canada.
It's like the Nobel, only faker and gayer, usually given to worthless
fart suckers and liberal establishment hacks.

2021 - A Non-Review

What a frickin year. I suppose it was good: I kept my guns in my holsters and didn't murder anyone. My wife didn't goon me with a rolling pin or fry pan so there's been no justifiable homo-cides and no one's gone to jail, HAR HAR HAR!!! That is all to the good - I live up in Canada, come from two families of turd brained shitlibs and those guys will drive ya bonkers if ya let them get to close. Right now they are having endless fun with Covid and would love to see Australian-style camps and enforcement for guys science denying nazis like me.

It has been a tough year and the next one is shaping up to be a doozy too. I let things get to me a little too much last year, with too many political posts and not enough about good stuff like rude jokes, plumbing the stubfartosphere and hobbies and chit. A fella needs to keep his chin up, lest the freaks and morons of our age grind him down.

A serious word of advice, guys: stop, take it all in, and look around. There's a lot of folks suffering at this time of year. Most are chugging along and will deal with whatever comes up (like Yours Truly)... but have a care for the folks that are on their last breath and at their wits' end. Make sure everyone in your circle is keeping up, and if ya gotta slow down to fall back amongst the stragglers and strugglers - do it! Take some of their burdens if you can, crack a rude joke if applicable, and offer encouragement. Don't let the stragglers fall through the cracks.



Wednesday, 29 December 2021

BS Called


There’s nothing wrong with this vid - except for the kid lying through his teeth about the temps he’s out camping in. You can camp out in temps like that, but you’re talking insulated bib coveralls with layers underneath, a heavy sleeping bag, and wrapping up almost like a mummy. In -30C you need heavy mitts, and to cover your face. He doesn’t even have much of a reflector set up for the fire. You sure as hell wouldn’t be lounging around with your bare face and hands exposed like that.

Maybe the kid is trying to massage his ego by posing as some kind of hard rock? Just looking at it… I’d be surprised if the temps were half that… say -15C.  I pooped in the comments and told the little bugger off! There is a duty of care in these things, and telling folks they can go out in temps like that without the proper gear borders on criminal negligence as far as I’m concerned. Cold weather camping is not something you want to try unless you know what you are doing.

Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Feast Yer Eyes Boys...


If I have ta look at it... so do you!

Now Ya Done It...Groan...

Never fails. You'll be back at camp after a day in the field, or loafing on the gun forums during a bitterly cold winter day inside with nothing to do... and some tard will stir the pot up by asking "What Is The Best Hunting Gun?" ... and the pie fight starts! HAR HAR HAR! I have gotten so bored at times that I have done it too on occasion...🤣👍 It's cheap entertainment!

Gun club duffer and part time sniper - Polimath - does the honours for us today. The old gun rags used to try and address this one but never could because it is a huge topic and will spawn any number of others. WHAT are you hunting? WHERE are you hunting, and at what ranges? Are you worried about meat damage? Are you concerned about barrel life? WHO's going to be shooting the gun, you, or maybe your wife or 14 year old daughter? 

I have no dog in these pie fights, I learned long ago that what goes on in the next place on the firing line STAYS over there too. I have my own declining marksmanship problems to contend with. I have my own trusted sources for information too (Polimath is one of them). Maybe we should turn this into one of these internet "Roast Me" things? I will go first!

Personally, I am dubious about all these new proprietary and miracle chamberings that come out once a week these days. I am happy with all of the old standby's for hunting AND range work. All my shooting is 300m or less, all my serious shooting is done offhand or from the standard positions with a GI sling. I can and will work with anything... .30-06, .25-06, .270, 6.5x55, .303 Brit, .243 - you get the idea. I require that reloading data is plentiful and established, that components are readily available and easy to stockpile in bulk and quantity and at reasonable prices. Smaller bullets are naturally cheaper, so my personal preference for a hunting/do-it-all gun is the .25-06, stoked to the nuts, coming out of a barrel no shorter than 24". With the right bullet that will kill everything up to and including moose... with maybe the exception of big bears. You have to bust them up to kill them... but I never shoot at bears anyways so it's not an issue. Even on the range, with hot loads the .25 will shoot like a cream puff, and flinching is not something you have to contend with during the longer matches. My old bull barreled Ruger No.1 would stack its preferred ammo into groups 0.5~0.75 MOA all day long off the bench. After 20 years of hard shooting I burnt the throat of the barrel out, having put at least 30~40 pounds of IMR 4350 through it. I've since rebarreled it to .243... and preliminary results are mixed. I swear that the wind pushes the bullets around a bit more but I could be full of beans on that. I have only found one load that will consistently duplicate the accuracy of the old barrel. Gawd... I need to hit the range in the worst way, but this cold weather make the range really uninviting... I guess it was -43C with the wind chill for awhile this morn, but it has since warmed up to -38C. Warble gloaming, my hairy corn-spackled ass!

So what is your 'go-to' rifle? And why? Leave an explanation in the comments if you are so inclined, and feel free to participate in this Rifleman's Geek-Fest. As always, your two cents are sincerely accepted and appreciated.

Lunch Recommendation

It’s the kind a
day for good eating and good reading! And for
the wife to rattle those pots n’ pans!

The Future Is Friendly


Awhile ago I took umbrage at that horrible fiendish battle bot - the Terminator. The morons put dentures on it! Gawd, it’s no wonder those creepy Hollywood Pedos can’t sell movie tickets or tell a story. Quartermain saves the day once again: he put boobs on the robot instead! All he needs to do is get a vag on it, and we are off to the races! Can you imagine it? Instead of a blood thirsty battle bot chasing you around with RPGs and crunching human skulls underfoot… imagine Quartermain’s porn-bot: it loads the truck and drives ya out to deer camp. It sets up the tent, starts the fire, pours you a drink… and then goes out to stalk and shoot the deer. Then it brings the carcass back to camp, cleans it and cooks supper! At no point does it talk or nag! 


No crazed insanity, no painful abuse involving frying pans or rolling pins, no expensive divorce. Quartermain’s a visionary and no bones about it! I want one that can rub my smelly feet for hours on end…


What a glorious way for the human race to end!😊👍

-33C Today


I watch a lot of outdoor channels. The ones I like are the winter campers. The best part comes when the camping stubfart has the camp chores all done, and then sits down to light the camp stove. On my favourite JewTube channels the guys hardly speak at all, and just putter around with bush-crafty things.

You don’t want to be splitting wood in these temperatures. No, wood does not “warm you twice” if you have to be out in temps like this. Keep the stove blasting and keep the animals indoors too. 

Monday, 27 December 2021

Sorry Joe...

 Will the retard running this blog please stand up?

Jeez - with some guys the blog seems to double up and post comments twice. Be darned if I know what is going on with that. Then it started posting responses on different threads. Coulda swore I put Eaton Rapids Joe on the toilet roll... but I guess I forgot...? Good help is so hard to find. You're up there now Joe - sorry for the oversight.

It's -33℃ at the castle today... and I have nothing to read! Some of you tards are rather truant with your writing (not mentioning any names, Mike... or STxAR)... don't think your truancy hasn't been noticed!!! I will be watching you all very carefully in the coming year - so don't try to pull anything.


On Safari With WL Emery


Maybe Leave The Decorations Up A Little Longer…


The Canoe Gun


One of the geezers at my club retired  and spent most of his summer time in the bush. Haven’t seen him in years - he probably croaked out there for all I know. In fact, I suppose I hope he did! It was obviously where he wanted to be. He’d come back to town, catch up and stock up - and be back out in the bush before ya knew it. 

His idea of a canoe gun was 1911 in 10mm, gussied up with the flashlight and all the farkles. He spent a lot of time in bear country and he claimed it was just the ticket for when he woke in the middle of the night and had to go out and do his business. I think his was a Wilson Combat gun if I remember correctly. All his gear was top tier and he used it and knew his way around in the back country.

Carrying a gun like that is illegal in Canada but given his age and that he was always in the middle of nowhere and may have had a legitimate need for it… I dunno if the RCs or fish cops would have busted him for it. The other qualm I have is that I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the backcountry too… and I’ve never had a problem with bears. When I saw them, I went one way, and the bear went the other with no drama. I dunno if I’d carry a canoe gun.

If I did… this is the way I’d go. And probably in 10mm too. That’s a calibre I always wanted to play with. Glocks, S&W - any of the polymer guns - are like Fisher Price toys … you can beat the tar out of them and they’ll still work and ya won’t feel bad about the way you would with a boutique gun.

Assembly Line Sorcery


Sunday, 26 December 2021

Christmas: You’re Doing It Wrong

 I never really thought much about those syrupy Christmas specials that used to come out like clockwork like Charlie Brown or The Grinch and all the other ones that you could get diabetes from watching. Gawd, some of those things sucked! I wonder if they still do that? I wouldn’t know, I turned off the TV ages ago. But while most of those things were corporate claptrap… some were sincere. I will bet that Charles Schulz probably DID look around in the 60s and see the commercialization of Christmas… and saw something deeply wrong that maybe Charlie Brown and Snoopy needed to talk to the kids about.

The holiday changed again by the 90s, Christmas was less a time for peace on earth, and more a time for telling your fellow man to FOAD. Blacks stirred the pot by saying Jesus was black, and then invented Kwanzaa to compete with it. The queers said He/Xe/It was gay. The marxists claimed He was a socialist. One place I worked, the annual company Christmas party in Calgary was now a Holiday Party with a Holiday Tree, and employees were warned not to say “Merry Christmas”. I could just imagine the rotters in the company who were responsible for that, so I skipped it. (I got a semi-formal reprimand for that, and the manager glared when I laughed and threw it in the garbage right in front of him. Fcuk him too!😆👍). The militant atheists have a heyday every Christmas like clockwork. The intent of course, is to give traditionalists and Christians the finger, and a way for these guys a way to grind their axes and strike edgey poses. Others have honest disagreements with the traditions and narratives we have about Christmas.

Over at Camp Borepatch, the tall foreheads give us this scholarly (but plausible) dissertation on the origins of Christmas. I won’t argue, he is a reputable historian and excels in the area of Ancient Rome. He asserts that Christmas arose out of pagan celebrations and I can see that. I wasn’t there, and there is no doubt plenty of evidence to support his position. Or… is there?

Check this out:

Warnings, caveats, and weasel words: treat this as plausible info! I have not fact checked it, (indeed, I dunno how to go about something like that) - but it appears this guy has given The Christmas Finger right back to any number of lunatics and scholars alike.

Years ago I was on my favourite forum when a food fight broke out among the tards about the origins of Christmas. Back then it was still possible to stoke and outrage people over it… and our flame war just got ridiculous. The faggotry posited that Jesus was a gender fluid Woman Of Colour who ackshually got crucified for being a feminist. A loon started spitting and gobbing in rage and proclaimed the foolish forum faggotry were all going to hell, that the lord’s day was actually Friday, and anyone that didn’t believe that was going too hell too! It was hilarious! It was glorious! Everyone was chimping out in rage! I had to dive in too! I said that Jesus was actually Scottish, and his name was actually Aenus. Aenus was the cheapest bastard in all of Scotland, and was so tight He squeaked when He walked. One day He decided to flip off the Jews, whom he considered to be spendthrifts. He invited them all over for lunch, hundreds of them… and the Jews all showed up expecting a feast… but all Aenus set out for them were a few fish and a couple loaves of bread. The Jews were furious, and nailed him up on a tree! Then the pulled Him down and hung him. Then He was beheaded and quartered. His skull was then cracked, his brain poured out onto the street - and they were stomped on with dirty shoes…! Everyone got mad about that, and I think I got banned for antisemitism or some other Crimethink. That was fair, I suppose. I don’t approve of Jews which is the same as illegally hating them. I certainly didn’t add to the discussion, that’s for sure! HAR HAR HAR! 😆👍

I dunno if I really care what the right of it is. If some idiot wants to believe Jesus was a queer black communist it doesn’t bother me one iota. Just don’t mistake my silent contempt for tolerance, okay? But - at the end of the day, what do we really know? Can you imagine some future historian 2000 years from now… trying to get an objective idea of say, Donald Trump? If you went by official records and narratives you’d conclude that he was an orange monster, a clown, a retard, a mass murderer, a pussy grabbing pervert, or the Antichrist. You’d think that Covid was a lethal pandemic and not a simple cold or flu. You’d think we live in a time of horrendous environmental cataclysms. What use is writing when the writers are liars and/or idiots?

 I hope that your Christmas was grand.  We are in the deep freeze and I suppose I better haul my keester up and go do some chores. Have a great Sunday, and all the best.



If Turdo La Dooo ever manages to impose a gun ban, the first thing I’d do is arm myself with some other lethal weapon. But I really don’t know with what. Certainly not these things - I wonder if they were real weapons or just Hollywood fantasy? A guy armed with these things might impress the girls and the soys… but he’d wind up on the floor the same way if his adversary had a quarterstaff. Halberd, maybe? I dunno about swords, the really offer no concealment. A guy’d have to have a good dirk regardless of his primary… what would you pick for a non-gun personal defence weapon…? 

Saturday, 25 December 2021

A Christmas Sammich


What a fuggin night last night. They did carols and readings at the little church out in the country and I didn't think much of it at first. It was the usual stuff and a night with the kids and their parents that had no other place to be. They turned off the lights at the end and lit candles and sang holy night - and I just plumb lost my shit. Woulda been sobbing like a bloody fairy if I hadn't shoved my fist down my throat. I think the lady a few seats down might a heard something. I was okay by the time they turned the lights back on I think. I dunno where that came from. It's been a tough couple a days. GAH!

When I got home I poured out a measure of Bufflo Trace bourbon. I made a toast to my departed father in law - and slammed it like pig - the way he would have, in better times. He's only been gone for 48 hours and I am sure he has a half a chord of wood split and is going over his seeds for the heavenly garden in the spring, the asshole.

I need a break, folks. If ya don't mind, ignore me while I embrace my inner idiot!


Outstanding as always, Pop.
That was an inspired use of the improvised 
intestinal explodeaphone too!
Worthy of a Marine, almost...HAR! 

Apologies to those of you with an IQ above freezing. You two know who you are. The rest a you retards - fart along with Pop and I, fill your glass - and try to behave yourself later in the day when the company shows up.

God bless, and thanks for stopping in.

Friday, 24 December 2021

Merry Christmas


Candles are not just for ceremonial virtue signaling
and show.

They light the way in darkness - which is something
we tend to forget in this age of electricity
and posterity.

Well we are in for a tough ride at Christmas this year at Castello Di La Filthie. We lost the father in law a couple days back. Similar losses are in the offing soon in 2022. I have, shall we say, some uncharitable and unchristian thoughts and feelings about it all that, and I’ll just deal with ‘em and will keep ‘em to myself.  I’ll get there. The wife has taken the loss of her father like a champ - these things seem to come in waves - you'll be chugging through life minding your own business, and then friends and family will cash out in groups, all of a sudden. The hits can be even harder to take … like at Christmas. Mother in law is coping well.

In these crazy days it’s really hard to look at your fellow man at times and leave your guns in the holsters. Or start praying for an asteroid. The aftermath of the old man’s passing is what you’d expect in a family like that, or it’s shaping up to be. I realize again why those people can’t be in my family, and why I wont be part of theirs. We should have broken with them long before we actually did. Brother in law is... gah. The less said about him, the better.

A lot of sanctimonious lectures go on at this time of year when the virtue signalers come out to bray about peace on earth, goodwill and so on. My message - if I were to have one - is to take a long, hard look at the people in your circle around you. Even the ones in your family. Be mindful of who they are, and how close you let them get. Don’t let wrongs slide. If you have to do that to keep the peace… something is very wrong and you need to jump on it. The peace you’re keeping today may well come at the price of more blood, guts and tears tomorrow. A lot of incredibly stupid people are running around right now with supposedly the best of intentions … and you will need to be ready for them when Darwin and Murphy come calling. 

Hey - thanks to everyone that stopped in to express their sympathies... your sympathies are returned with love and thanks. For you - I hope you all eat and drink too much over the Christmas holidays. I hope you and your family and your Maker are square, and that 2022 is shaping up well. Look after yourselves, and best wishes for the Christmas season.


Tuesday, 21 December 2021


Well I guess the wife’s father went into the hospital emergency today. Clots in his lungs, shortness of breath, other stuff. He’s old, frail, not lucid much these days. His time has to be short. In another lifetime we could coexist and even get along. But then the times started to change, and so did we. 

He wasn’t a bad man. But good lord… he was a dumbass, and an awful shithead on occasion. When my daighter’s sexuality and ideology turned into a wedge in our family, that stupid son of a bitch beat on it for all he was worth. I think he thought he could bust up my marriage but all he did was split his family three ways. I used to have pleasant day dreams of an anvil falling on his head, or seeing him fall down 32 flights of stairs, roll out onto the street… and then getting run over by a steam roller.

A couple years back I realized I couldn’t keep carrying this anger and hate in my heart. I forgave the outlaws, my daughter and tried to forget. I could say the words of forgiveness, but my mind and heart were always on very different pages. I prayed for the strength to do more to let it go, and maybe the weight eased up a little… but it never went away.

Here he is, coming up on his time, and I regret everything… and nothing. I won’t miss him when he goes. But I will mourn what could have been, if we both had been better men. 

Modernizing The Lever Gun WITHOUT Faggotry

 The poor ol' traditional lever gun. If the gear queer smooth boys aren't trying to tacti-pimp it... they are trying to give it a sex change.

Every time I see one of these, I want to
take it away from its owner and flog him with it.

It's no coincidence these things are commonly called 'Mare's Leg' rifles. Any kind of accurate shooting with these abortions is pure fantasy. Up here they sell them to the yuppie 'back packers' that know nothing about guns but what they see on TV. Them - and the asians. The clippers nine irons just love the guns they see in their favourite anime cartoons. GAH!

Leaving the rainbow warriors and vibrants behind... the lever gun CAN be leveraged well into a role as a variant on Jeff Cooper's famous scout rifle concept. That sweet little guide gun from Marlin gets you halfway there right out of the box! I had one years ago in 45-70 and that SOB was one versatile gun. With jacketed Remington 405 grain round nose bulk bullets and patty-cake target loads with RL7... that thing would almost go sub-MOA. It would put those things into groups of 1.1 and 1.2" all day long. With other bullet weights and brands it seldom ran much over 2 MOA off the bench. All that went out the window when you stoked it though and top tier hot loads would kill on both ends of the gun. I ran mine with a Leupold 1-5X variable. I loaned it to Flapz and never got it back. I wonder why, HAR HAR HAR!!! Y'know... if I'd been smart enough to use fillers on those patty-cake target loads... I bet I could have gotten them under an inch at 100. I'll never know... because I'd probably have to kill Flapz to get it back!  That... and find Rem bulk bullets. I bought about 500 of them and then never saw them again after that.

I'd love one today in a more recreational calibre like the 45 Colt. Something maybe a little like this:

Those cartridge carriers look great for the glam pics,
but don't use them. Carry your ammo
in a tasteful and stoutly built leather ammo pouch.
You will lose less rounds that way.

Your son's Red Ryder is bigger than that! This'd make the perfect bush gun where shots at game are really short - and it would be a total laff-riot out at the range on the bigger 200m gongs. If you run reloads with cast lead pills and take care of your brass, the beast would make an economical plinker too...If there is a better gun for the bush country stubfart... I have no idea what it possibly could be.


 Seems like the drunks and rubby-dubs are having themselves a royal rumble over there on the other side of the great divide. In other decidedly unreliable sources, I heard that Biden shat himself in rage and tried to call this guy up and read him the riot act… and the fella didn’t take his calls. His own people are telling him to FOAD now - in deed, if not in word. 

In all my years, I swear I have never seen anyone get told off the way Joe does. 

Monday, 20 December 2021

Nice Dilemmas

 Looks like ol' Joe is in a sweet spot! I used to be in such a pickle myself, long ago. I had so many goddamned guns - that keeping them stocked with ammo was a real PITA! When I stocked up on 45, I ran out of 9mm, when I stocked up on 9mm, I ran out of .45 and .357. It was infuriating! 

One of the things that scares the hell out of gunnies, (and shouldn't) - is committing to simplifying your ammo requirements. One day I did a Donald Duck temper tantrum in the gun safe - and emptied out all the safe queens. It wasn't enough. So I decided to narrow it down to one calibre and that's it. I went with the 45 ACP. I can shoot and kill anything I need to with that, and in the real world, all I do is shoot at paper or cans. I got a Dillon progressive press and could stamp out ammo faster than you could even think about it. I always had about 5~8 thousand primers in stock, a couple 4 and 8 lb. kegs of powder... and when Obutthole started selling guns for the Mexicans and the NRA... I was well ahead of the supply crunch that resulted. A couple years ago I lost control of myself in the gunshop and bought one of those sweet little Ruger Redhawks that shoots 45 Colt AND 45 ACP in moon clips. A kind soul taught me how to cast boolits and now....pbbfbfbffbfbffffft! For all intents and purposes... I am ammo self reliant. 

It's not a solution for everyone, and I could have gone with 9mm, .357 or some other calibre and done just as well. For me, going with the 45 ACP took brass out of the supply chain - I merely picked up the empties left lying around on the range. I have a three gallon bucket filled with them. 9mm brass is even easier to find... but the 9 likes small, fast bullets... and for cast boolits you usually want to go heavy and slow - with the 45 does with aplomb! 

Of course, I shot myself in the ass with all that because all I did was buy more guns in the same calibre! But it's all good. Life on the reloading bench is much simpler now.

 Y'know what I think?

I think that if it weren't for the current state of artificial prosperity - the cities would have gone up in flames months ago, and that we'd be deep into a famine right now.

This culture is too dumb and perverted to survive.

Rude Joke Stoppage - Cleared!

The sewer pipe that I get my rude my rude jokes out of stopped up abruptly and I figure it’s that cold snap we’re having. Something froze up - probably up around that second bend in the pipe. I sent Quartermain upstream with a blowtorch and a monkey wrench to do some heatin’ and beatin’… and I went to work on the outlet with a toilet plunger. I wasn’t having any luck at all and was peering down the pipe… when Quartermain knocked the blockage loose! The pipe erupted, and I got caked! Some of the jokes had putrified in the pipe and some were so offensive that even I couldn’t stand them, HAR HAR HAR! So here I stand, Monday morn, covered in shite and laughing at the world. Join me if you’re so inclined, or skip them if you are a person of refined tastes and sensibilities. Put your shoulders into it lads - and may your day be smooth and fast!


Death Pizza ☠️


Monday Morn Music