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Thursday, 30 December 2021

2021 - A Non-Review

What a frickin year. I suppose it was good: I kept my guns in my holsters and didn't murder anyone. My wife didn't goon me with a rolling pin or fry pan so there's been no justifiable homo-cides and no one's gone to jail, HAR HAR HAR!!! That is all to the good - I live up in Canada, come from two families of turd brained shitlibs and those guys will drive ya bonkers if ya let them get to close. Right now they are having endless fun with Covid and would love to see Australian-style camps and enforcement for guys science denying nazis like me.

It has been a tough year and the next one is shaping up to be a doozy too. I let things get to me a little too much last year, with too many political posts and not enough about good stuff like rude jokes, plumbing the stubfartosphere and hobbies and chit. A fella needs to keep his chin up, lest the freaks and morons of our age grind him down.

A serious word of advice, guys: stop, take it all in, and look around. There's a lot of folks suffering at this time of year. Most are chugging along and will deal with whatever comes up (like Yours Truly)... but have a care for the folks that are on their last breath and at their wits' end. Make sure everyone in your circle is keeping up, and if ya gotta slow down to fall back amongst the stragglers and strugglers - do it! Take some of their burdens if you can, crack a rude joke if applicable, and offer encouragement. Don't let the stragglers fall through the cracks.




  1. If the whole team doesn't make the finish line, we fail. Great example of a squaddie bud. Happy to be a stubfart apprentice, I am.

    I'd like to visit on the day summer is up there. Wonder if I paint a dot on me head, I can just skate across yon border with nary a care?

  2. Good advice anytime, but especially now. Thanks!