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Saturday, 25 December 2021

A Christmas Sammich


What a fuggin night last night. They did carols and readings at the little church out in the country and I didn't think much of it at first. It was the usual stuff and a night with the kids and their parents that had no other place to be. They turned off the lights at the end and lit candles and sang holy night - and I just plumb lost my shit. Woulda been sobbing like a bloody fairy if I hadn't shoved my fist down my throat. I think the lady a few seats down might a heard something. I was okay by the time they turned the lights back on I think. I dunno where that came from. It's been a tough couple a days. GAH!

When I got home I poured out a measure of Bufflo Trace bourbon. I made a toast to my departed father in law - and slammed it like pig - the way he would have, in better times. He's only been gone for 48 hours and I am sure he has a half a chord of wood split and is going over his seeds for the heavenly garden in the spring, the asshole.

I need a break, folks. If ya don't mind, ignore me while I embrace my inner idiot!


Outstanding as always, Pop.
That was an inspired use of the improvised 
intestinal explodeaphone too!
Worthy of a Marine, almost...HAR! 

Apologies to those of you with an IQ above freezing. You two know who you are. The rest a you retards - fart along with Pop and I, fill your glass - and try to behave yourself later in the day when the company shows up.

God bless, and thanks for stopping in.


  1. Happy Christmas Mr. Filthie. Those candle light services are designed to get under the flinty armour. It's good to think deeply once in a while. Or vent out the emotions...

  2. Merry Christmas.
    We watched It's a Wonderful Life on DVD last night (a Christmas tradition) and there was a lot of dust in the air.

  3. Merry Christmas, Glen. Go where the feelings take you. It heals the heart.

  4. Merry Christmas Canadian Old School!

  5. Don't you dare apologize for crying like that. Sometimes we try to act all rough and tough; but doing so, sets us up for episodes like that.
    Rough and tough and being a guard dog and all that is OK up to a point. But, when we continually suppress the softer side of will find a way out. And that's why people appreciate you.
    You have an outwardly attitude of a guardian; but inwardly you are a lover of humanity. You have the gestalt of a real man. More people could/should emulate you.
    Embrace those two sides and be happy that you can.

  6. My dad passed away in late December, 2019. I kind of know what you are going through.

    I blog a little bit and it was second week of January before I mentioned "Elvis left the building"

    Remember the good stuff, the good times.

    We are all heroes and shit-weasels. Let's hope that what people remember after we leave is more of the first and not so much of the second.

  7. Thanks again you guys cause ... jeez... this has been a bloody tough Christmas. There was a lot of unfinished business between me and my father in law and my own parents are ailing too. Mom is a lifelong shitlib who has gone to Defcon 1 with Covid and was furious when I wouldn't let her shove that needle up my arse like all the cattle are doing. She is going a little nutty in her old age too. Fortunately my brother is a shitlib and he's perfect just like her... so at least there is a responsible adult of sorts looking after them.

    Macey The Dawg is just about finished. She doesn't go on walks anymore, she falls down the stairs and up them too, she forgets where she is, and I have to be prepared to go out and get her when she goes out to pee because she forgets where she is. She sleeps most of the time and follows her mom everywhere and needs to be close to her whenever possible. She even clings to me a bit too. Her time is so short. She's 15 or 16 now which is great for a big dog. Dear God, that one is going to REALLY hurt.

    I just had a check engine light come on with my health too. So many changes are coming... and none of them good... but ya just take your lumps and keep chugging I guess. Thanks for all your condolences and encouragement...