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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

 One a my new year resolutions is going to have to be to wean myself off of Blab. There’s too many other tards there, too many rude jokes, and too much entertaining sewage that washes up and over the transom, as the swabbies would say! I need an intervention!


But then… what is the alternative? Lookit what comes rattlin’ down the sewer pipe in the mass media these days:

Soldier who injured face after falling on her rifle during night exercises awarded €36,000 damages

Harold Potter sure let herself go, eh? But that is the problem with the mass media! They put up a lead in to at least 100 excellent rude jokes… but censor the comments if anyone cracks wise. No Harry Potter jokes, no ‘women in the military’ jokes, we are supposed to take these people seriously and let them tell us what to think! 

Where do you get your news from?


  1. Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!!! HEH, I'm an occasional lurker on your page...sorry 'bout that. Just never felt compelled to comment much.
    I am serving my 2nd 30 day suspension from facebook. And once the day arrives for my reinstatement; I'm gonna delete them from my 'puter! Had enough of the sensitive types editing my posts and crying over their hurt feelings.
    Where do I get my news from? Numerous places; bustednuckles,gateway pundit, woodsterman.....
    But quite honestly; I'm getting tired of all this sh**at. Am in the process of de-cluttering my life. I have finally figured out that no one cares about the death spiral that our country is in. And my "barking at the moon" isn't turning anyone into a secret ninja for democracy.
    So for me......I'm curtailing my time on the interwebs and spending more time in my woodworking shop. Amazing how much "schtuff" I can get done when I have the time.

  2. Woodsterman!!! Dammit... I forgot all about him! There are so many blogs I should be aware of but I just don't have the bandwidth or attention span for them all... and some, like Woodsterman fall off my plate.

    But like you, I need to spend more time on worthy pursuits and less on the computer. What's going on in the wood shop, Steve? Anything good that your nosey neighbour up in Alberta should know about?


  3. HEH! Right now I think I'm in the 4th or 5th iteration of the "WORLDS BESTEST, MOST PERFECTIST SHOP" humanity has ever seen!
    Yeap, doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a better outcome....

    Seriously, the amount of "tools that should never be thrown away; because someday I will need that one..." grows exponentially when said tools are allowed free rein.

    I took an old roller cabinet, that I made a longtime ago, and I put some drawers in it. I have designated those drawers as the "Graveyard of Tools"! That's where I'm putting things like my dads old grinder, my extra routers that have no collets, and that old farm anvil/vise. Anything that has value, but I don't have the time right now to refurbish.

    And surprise, surprise, surprise!!! I'm beginning to see the top of my workbench!

    As a side thought...I think my motivation came from seeing pics of
    And I couldn't figure out how they got a pic of MY garage!!!
    So for what it's worth; I can now walk in my garage without fear of losing a limb.

    1. I dunno how Phil does it... but he does. Not only can he store all that stuff, he can move around and actually get stuff done. Mind you... being able to see your workbench...? That may or may not be a good thing either... ;)

  4. I'm like Steve and you. News from trusted blogs. Muskegonpundit is one. Politicallyincorrectcanadian is another. Instapundit, Ancipient News, Whatfinger. But those last three I take teaspoons of. I have enough stress right now, don't need more.

    1. That is the flip side of Blab: it is an utter rage machine. Imagine one of your shop tools operating at top speed with an umbalanced load - that stuff will shake you apart if you aren't careful. Twitter and Facecack are much worse with their censorship though. You have to be very careful of what you let through.

  5. I hope that she-beast that fell on a rifle didn't damage it. Prolly like those fags that "fall" on stuff and it somehow lodges in their ass.

  6. I’ve taken Adaptive Curmudgeon’s advice and pretty much unplugged from the news. I read blogs, this one in particular, for entertainment since I’m too near retirement to get all worked up about anything. It’s deep winter in the Frozen North…my time’s spent with a good single malt, a solid cigar or my pipe, a snoring Lab at my feet and my fly tying vise.

  7. I'il 2nd p2, Adaptive Curmudgeon is a wise man. Squirrels!!

  8. Well...
    Which is what you'll get here.
    Just because.
    Right wing, generally not wingnuts.
    Because I enjoy reading Fred Reed.
    Commercial media that I can tolerate.
    I have a close friend / relative who works for this outfit, and she and her friends tolerate me pretty well. She's been to the range with us and enjoyed it.
    Where the greatest minds on the Internet congregate to exchange ideas, insults, and suggestions for (another user's) suicide.
    A true genius, the author is one of the most unrecognizable contributors to... wait, this is me.

    Okay, I'm late for happy hour. Later!

  9. Dear god, what has happened to Ireland, the country that gave us Sharon, Caroline and Andrea Corr?