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Saturday, 4 December 2021


Ahhhh. Here’s some soothing medicinal recoil therapy! My next percussion gun will either be one of those sweet little ‘51 Navies… or one of these Dragoons.

Any of you guys make your own black powder? I heard Holden is shutting down Goex…and that is truly a shame…


  1. Do you have a copy of this book?

    Short version: solution from chicken manure run through stove ashes to produce crystals of KNO3.

  2. I have the Foxfire books on pdf. I need to dig those out of the usb stick.

    I have one component left to get. Charcoal dust. Then it's mixing time. And I only need one excuse for getting chickens again, I guess that's it. Heh....

    Check Abebooks for good prices on old used books.

    1. IIRC, Foxfire makes mention that the type of wood used to make charcoal makes a difference, but I don't recall the particulars.

      I also recall reading long ago about testing procedures for the purchase of black powder that were listed in an old U.S. Army Ordnance manual. One of the tests was to light a "pinch" of powder on a sheet of copper and then observe the coloration of the copper. I would love to find a copy of that old manual.

  3. Just a tech note. I made several attempts to post my reply above. Refreshed the page, re-loaded the blog, etc. Every time I hit "Publish" my comment disappeared. The only thing that worked was re-starting my PC.

  4. I am a member over at Cast Boolits and they have all kinds of info on it. The problem there is that everyone is an expert, and they often disagree with each other and then the flame wars and bickering starts ... then who knows if someone else is right or wrong...?

  5. "Willow wood is the very best for pyrotechnic charcoal."

    From here--