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Sunday, 26 December 2021

Christmas: You’re Doing It Wrong

 I never really thought much about those syrupy Christmas specials that used to come out like clockwork like Charlie Brown or The Grinch and all the other ones that you could get diabetes from watching. Gawd, some of those things sucked! I wonder if they still do that? I wouldn’t know, I turned off the TV ages ago. But while most of those things were corporate claptrap… some were sincere. I will bet that Charles Schulz probably DID look around in the 60s and see the commercialization of Christmas… and saw something deeply wrong that maybe Charlie Brown and Snoopy needed to talk to the kids about.

The holiday changed again by the 90s, Christmas was less a time for peace on earth, and more a time for telling your fellow man to FOAD. Blacks stirred the pot by saying Jesus was black, and then invented Kwanzaa to compete with it. The queers said He/Xe/It was gay. The marxists claimed He was a socialist. One place I worked, the annual company Christmas party in Calgary was now a Holiday Party with a Holiday Tree, and employees were warned not to say “Merry Christmas”. I could just imagine the rotters in the company who were responsible for that, so I skipped it. (I got a semi-formal reprimand for that, and the manager glared when I laughed and threw it in the garbage right in front of him. Fcuk him too!πŸ˜†πŸ‘). The militant atheists have a heyday every Christmas like clockwork. The intent of course, is to give traditionalists and Christians the finger, and a way for these guys a way to grind their axes and strike edgey poses. Others have honest disagreements with the traditions and narratives we have about Christmas.

Over at Camp Borepatch, the tall foreheads give us this scholarly (but plausible) dissertation on the origins of Christmas. I won’t argue, he is a reputable historian and excels in the area of Ancient Rome. He asserts that Christmas arose out of pagan celebrations and I can see that. I wasn’t there, and there is no doubt plenty of evidence to support his position. Or… is there?

Check this out:

Warnings, caveats, and weasel words: treat this as plausible info! I have not fact checked it, (indeed, I dunno how to go about something like that) - but it appears this guy has given The Christmas Finger right back to any number of lunatics and scholars alike.

Years ago I was on my favourite forum when a food fight broke out among the tards about the origins of Christmas. Back then it was still possible to stoke and outrage people over it… and our flame war just got ridiculous. The faggotry posited that Jesus was a gender fluid Woman Of Colour who ackshually got crucified for being a feminist. A loon started spitting and gobbing in rage and proclaimed the foolish forum faggotry were all going to hell, that the lord’s day was actually Friday, and anyone that didn’t believe that was going too hell too! It was hilarious! It was glorious! Everyone was chimping out in rage! I had to dive in too! I said that Jesus was actually Scottish, and his name was actually Aenus. Aenus was the cheapest bastard in all of Scotland, and was so tight He squeaked when He walked. One day He decided to flip off the Jews, whom he considered to be spendthrifts. He invited them all over for lunch, hundreds of them… and the Jews all showed up expecting a feast… but all Aenus set out for them were a few fish and a couple loaves of bread. The Jews were furious, and nailed him up on a tree! Then the pulled Him down and hung him. Then He was beheaded and quartered. His skull was then cracked, his brain poured out onto the street - and they were stomped on with dirty shoes…! Everyone got mad about that, and I think I got banned for antisemitism or some other Crimethink. That was fair, I suppose. I don’t approve of Jews which is the same as illegally hating them. I certainly didn’t add to the discussion, that’s for sure! HAR HAR HAR! πŸ˜†πŸ‘

I dunno if I really care what the right of it is. If some idiot wants to believe Jesus was a queer black communist it doesn’t bother me one iota. Just don’t mistake my silent contempt for tolerance, okay? But - at the end of the day, what do we really know? Can you imagine some future historian 2000 years from now… trying to get an objective idea of say, Donald Trump? If you went by official records and narratives you’d conclude that he was an orange monster, a clown, a retard, a mass murderer, a pussy grabbing pervert, or the Antichrist. You’d think that Covid was a lethal pandemic and not a simple cold or flu. You’d think we live in a time of horrendous environmental cataclysms. What use is writing when the writers are liars and/or idiots?

 I hope that your Christmas was grand.  We are in the deep freeze and I suppose I better haul my keester up and go do some chores. Have a great Sunday, and all the best.

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  1. I researched this stuff when the movie Zeitgeist was making the rounds on youtube, 2008 I think. Zeitgeist has been bebunked, the atheists still repeat the made up "facts". If your interested you can search Zeitgeist debunked on youtube.

    Now I just ignore the atheists, waste of time imo.