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Friday, 3 December 2021

Filthie Supermarine: Belted Airpower

Well .... I done it. I wrote long winded FU letters to the commanding officers of the Snowbirds, Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, and the fags at the Breitling and Red Bull exhibition flying squadrons. They are all bungholes - and they can all kiss MY bunghole! HAR HAR HAR!!!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! The aviation gods smile upon me, and no other pilot on earth shall hand me my comeuppance! Do you hear me?!?!?

NO COMEUPPANCE!!!! Gaze upon my works and tremble, mortal pilots!!!

Like it's own pilot - the Filthiebird is probably going to come in slightly overweight, what with some upgrades and extra bracing for aerobatics. The plans call for a powerplant of  about 0.46 to 0.61 ... and with the extra weight I am putting in, some extra horsepower might be in order. I was goin to install the 0.46 off Super Dave but... I am feeling that I am going to need more power.

That engine is no lightweight.
With that dimunitive muffler, I am hoping it is loud enough
to disturb the cranky geriatric golfers on the course
out by Stubfart Airfield.

So I was in Scotty The Retard's bone yard picking through his engines great and small and it was pretty grim. Lots of chinese clones and junk... but nothing in my size. I was resigned to paying through the nose for a new .55 OS until Scotty got a guilty look on his face. Scott owes me several very large favours (no, he doesn't, I love that kid and all he owes me is a boot up the arse to be honest) - but suffice it to say he is in a position to do something nice for me... and this may be it. It's a Weber .61 and I got it for $60 on condition that I can only sell it back to Scott. He tells me this is a fine engine and he could get more money for it. It sounds like we are square now, and I will have to find something else to put him back in my debt, HAR HAR HAR!!! Of course, we aren't even close to being 'square' ... but I saw the pain in his face when he parted with this engine. I almost feel bad now. Almost. These are no longer made, and are apparently austrian in manufacture. I have heard of guys running good RC engines for a couple hundred hours so hopefully there is some life in this one left for me. Never heard of a belted RC engine - I assume it runs a gearbox...? The plumbing on this one is a mystery too. There's a tank connection out of the muffler to pressurize the fuel flow.  There is one on the carb for fuel into the engine. Then there is that one right in front of the crank case...? What in hell is that for...?
I have some studying to do, and will bring in aerodynamic geniuses like M, Pete and Quartermain as consultants.

I bought the last of my balsa 'lumber' today and have a few more pieces to cut... and then it is time to put up and shut up! Once everything is glued together, that is that for that and if you've screwed up anywhere... you either end up with a flying wing or kindling for the campfire! 

If any of you have any familiarity with these engines by all means, please do pipe up in the comments. The Usual Suspects are warned in advance that they will be pommelled and beaten for any inappropriate rude jokes about me, my fine aircraft, or my formidable aviation skills. 


  1. It's a 4 stroke motor and the belt runs the valves somehow. The extra nipple is a crankcase relief vent and should not be obstructed. I guess you're supposed to run a little hose overboard in cowled installations.

  2. Slightly overweight?!!
    You just showed us a photo of you installing lead ingots in the wings!
    Geez Louise, you're gonna need a weed whacker motor for that thing.

  3. Nah. Go full retard. Redesign the bugger and put three engines on that thing. Moar Power!!! One on each wing and one on a pylon over the CG. Let everybody know you that crazy MFer geezer don't ever mess with him.... And just a thought, build a scotch filled bomb that you can drop at your feet so that you can enjoy a finger or two during the flight..... Bet they would talk about that crazy MFer for a hundred years.

  4. Jets! None of the ducted fan electric nonsense either. Proper smokey, noisy, dead dinosaur burnin’ jets. Cover the beast in speed tape and blister it off with airflow friction. I know from experience speed tape will stay on to 500 knots.