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Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Good Ol’ Stretch Armstrong


Why do you Yanks hate Stretch so much?

I have seen him fired out of cannons, shot at with .50 BMG sniper guns,
crushed in a hydraulic press, frozen in liquid nitrogen…

This is true, as far as it goes. What’s atmospheric at sea level again? 14~15 PSI? If you pumped up a space suit in a vacuum I’d assume it would inflate into a star fish shape. Do they isolate the suit’s arms and legs some how? Pressure is funny; when you deal with it you have to be cognizant of volumes and areas it’s acting on, and the temp at which it’s doing that. Still… in an application involving a space suit… 15 PSI is not that much. If I recall correctly, the astronauts play with their O2 content and run at lower than earth normal ambient pressures? 

Hmpfffff. We need a tard, some hip waders, some duct tape and a bicycle pump.  We can test this right here on earth, now that I think of it.

Any volunteers…?


  1. I have some tape..... I think the reason we are so brutal to Stretch is those commercials. They showed the kids really brutalizing him, and he just snaps back. Now we are testing the limits of his superhuman abilities. That's all. It's a lab experiment, not a personal problem at all. Maybe....

  2. A stable internal pressure. This can be less than Earth's atmosphere, as there is usually no need for the space suit to carry nitrogen (which comprises about 78% of Earth's atmosphere and is not used by the body). Lower pressure allows for greater mobility, but requires the suit occupant to breathe pure oxygen for a time before going into this lower pressure, to avoid decompression

  3. The Apollo suits were pressurized to 5 psi of pure oxygen and the suits were made of (inside to outside) Rubber coated nylon, aluminized mylar, dacron, aluminized kapton and teflon-coated beta cloth. Very little rubber was used and only at the joints. The Apollo suits weren't too comfortable and didn't provide much freedom of movement . That's why Alan Shepard had to hit his golf ball one handed.