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Sunday, 5 December 2021



Good grief. It’s getting so bad, that anyone who plays by the rules these days is a sucker. It boggles me, how shitlibs think:

Filthie: Vaxxx? For Chinkypox? No thanks.

Shitlib: But but but… you HAVE to do it!!!  Do you want to kill Grandma???

Filthie: I’ll pass on the fake science and propaganda too. Leave me alone.

Shitlib: Fine! We passed a law!!! Now you HAVE to get jabbed!!! And wear your mask!!!!

Filthie: Think I’ll pass on your fake laws too…


I never saw myself as the criminal type. Oh well… it is what it is these days. These guys don’t understand that if you keep tilting the playing field and moving the goal posts, goals become meaningless and at some point, the other guy is going to take his ball and go home. Ya can’t run a kid’s street hockey game like that, never mind a country.

I was up till midnight last night and got the wing for the Filthiebird  glued, screwed and tattooed. It came out fairly straight too! But… I have lots of gaps, and lots of sanding. I learned a lot from it all. In fact, I have been learning so much… I almost feel like a kid again. I spoke with Scotty The Retard, I am not liking that four cycle Weber engine one bit. It’s cool… but this bird is my first build and I want to keep it simple with a powerful conventional two cycle engine. Scott’s evil mentor (a senior delinquent that is often seen skulking around Stubfart Airfield) - has an OS 0.55. I’d like something bigger…and may yet still go that way… but for now I will stay with what I know.

I hope you all are off to a great Sunday. Hopefully your Christmas shopping is done, and you have lots of time for the kids and the folks.


  1. When my ship was in Tokyo a bunch of years back, I was watching Nip TV. There was a guy who had built a HUGE R/C plane. I'm an aircraft illiterate, but this thing had four engines on it. The guy started all the engines, taxied onto the runway, and commenced his roll. As soon as he rotated the plane did a huge wing-over and AUGERED into the ground. The camera panned back to the pilot. He stood there for a few seconds, and then just began to bawl. The plane had apparently taken YEARS for him to build... Yeah; keep it simple this time, Glen...

  2. My Stick flew great. I had an OS Max 60 on it.
    The four strokes sound nice. If I was building something scale, yeah,, but the Ugly Stick is not a scale model. If you change the rudder design it will do a knife edge.